Poem #1 by Lorenzo Dozier

Poem #1 by Lorenzo Dozier

You see I struggle as a black man, keep my
problems within.

Living the ways of a stereotype
It boggles my skin. I get angry with the
Fact I am labeled as Ignorance
What’s wrong with your mindset? Are you
Scared that I’m different?

You see I’m tired of the world saying I’m
Some kind of thug, excuse me for a minute
While I preach for some love. Cause I’ve
Been dealing with this ever since I was
Born up in sin. Head Back to the top,
That’s how my story begins



About the Author

Lorenzo Dozier is a novelist, poet and social media personality. He uses the theme of growth in his stories. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, he persevered through obstacles and managed to live life to the best of his ability.

His journey as a writer started in 2004. Where he dedicated his time to creating a world circling around character development, growth. Lorenzo is a graduate from St. Francis College. He holds a Bachelors in English and Mass Communication. Class of 2013.


One thought on “Poem #1 by Lorenzo Dozier

  1. My father was a Mexican/Ojibwa. Killed two men in a bar for disrespect. He never was never allowed in my white mother’s parent house. Made him stronger and he told me. Education, education and more education. Never allow anyone to look down at you. I was lucky. In my 15 years in the Army. Black soldiers were my mentors and I became a mentor because of them. In the Army, we were men and women. I became proud of my Ojibwa/Mexican heritage. Being black is a honor and in the circle of life. The black race is needed to keep us strong and knowing wisdom. I was called a dirty Mexican a few times and like my father learn. Laugh at the fools and walk away. One word toward a racist. Is one word wasted. Thank you for sharing your words and thoughts.


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