Food Review: Tenzing Natural Energy (Various Flavours)

Tenzing (Various Flavours) Artwork

Tenzing Natural Energy LogoTenzing is named after the Sherpa Tenzing Norgay, who is noted as one of the first two people to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Tenzing, the drink is based on the notion that the Sherpa people have been drinking their own natural brew for energy and endurance for years and this product incorporates this concept, creative a natural drink that is designed to support in all activities. 

Tenzing Natural Energy DrinkOriginal Flavour
Tenzing has a distinct tangy taste, which I suppose makes sense considering the plant based origins of the product. It has a carbonated sharpness that I’ve come to associate with certain alcoholic products but obviously Tenzing has no alcoholic content. I enjoyed it quite a bit, managing to be pleasing to the palate but without excess sugars and flavourings that are common to similar products.

Tenzing Natural Energy Drink (Raspberry and Yuzu Flavour)Rasberry & Yuzu Flavour
This has a lot of the sharpness of the original version, the tart almost bitterness that makes the original so appealing, but it blends in a smoother, lighter note that works well with the complicated taste of tenzing. I expected it to be sweeter but wasn’t disappointed by what I found.

Blackberry and AçaiTenzing Blackberry and Açai Flavour Artwork
It has quite a subtle flavour overall, and there’s a certain crispness to the drink which blends really well with the broad sweetness, that’s no doubt a result of the delightful blackberry, which comes through without being overpowering. It has a bitter note to it, which is
presumably from the Açai but it works well with the whole flavour profile of the drink.

Tenzing Pineapple and Passionfruit Flavour ArtworkPineapple and passionfruit
Slightly more bitter than I was expecting, it has the same flavour profile as the original Tenzing but with sweeter notes, the passion fruit adds a more muted flavour and the pineapple blends in right at the back, hitting you after the more bitter flavours wash away. I like to try my drinks chilled and at room temperature, just to see how much it changes the quality and this is one that’s definitely better chilled, but it’s still tasty, with it’s harder, more complex overall flavour. I would recommend this for sure.

Tenzing Natural Energy (Promo)

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