Food Review: Daim (Various Flavours)

Daim (Various Flavours)

Daim LogoDaim is a chocolate confectionery product originally made by Swedish Chocolate brand Marabou, who later merged with Freia, their quivalent company in Norway, both companies were owned by Johan Throne Holst. This merged company continued to produce the various products including Daim, and in 1993 they were purchased by Kraft Foods, noted for brands such as Cadbury, Oreo and Trident. Things remained as such until 2012 when Kraft split into two distinct entities, with the grocery company keeping the name Kraft Foods (later renamed Kraft Heinz after a subsequent merger with H. J. Heinz Company more commonly known just as Heinz, a company noted for their condiments, in particular their Ketchup) and the confectionery and snack brands, including Daim being managed and manufactured by Mondelez International

I recently talked about how much I like Daim bars in my review of Pineapple flavour Jaffa Cakes, and if you haven’t already feel free to check that out as well, but I finally decided to check out Daim for review when I noticed the Limited edition lemon version, so check out what I thought of new lemon version  and the original and mint versions as well. 

Daim (Original)Daim (Original Flavour)
As I mentioned up top, I like Daim bars, in fact It’s easily my favourite sweet, I’m not sure exactly what I like about it that sets it head and shoulders above other chocolate products but honestly it’s just smooth and pleasant chocolate, not too sweet but without the more bitter taste associated with dark chocolate, the harder carmel inner section provides a nice counterbalance and an appealing crunch. Overall the original flavour is a fantastic treat and if you haven’t tried it then get yourself one right now.

Daim (Mint)Daim (Mint Flavour)
Now I think it’s clear that I love Daim, I also really like Mint, it’s my second favour scent and one of my favourite flavours, and it works well with chocolate. In this product, it’s more subtle that I was expecting, but works well with the smooth chocolate I described above, in fact I think the rich and delectable mint taste improves what for me was already a great treat, I’ll definitely be getting more in the future.

Daim (Lemon)Daim (Lemon Flavour)
Straight away I will say that this is very different from the original version, the solid and simple flavour of the lemon changes the overall taste quite a lot, you still get the same texture and bite (which is also part of the appeal of the product for me) but the lemon makes for a very unique taste experience. It’s subtle and blends with the chocolate, and clings to the palate encouraging you to take another bite. I will say I don’t think I prefer it to the original Daim but it’s still very tasty nonetheless.


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