Single Review: The Party Slogan – The Man I Would Hate To Be

The Party Slogan - The Man I Would Hate To Be

The Party Slogan are a five piece Indie/Alternative/Garage Rock/Post-Punk outfit from Edinburgh and if you would like to find out more about the group then check out the  interview I did with them a while back by clicking here. You can also check out my review of their EP ‘Reasonably Good Indie Music’ by clicking here. Today, however, I will be reviewing their single ‘The Man I Would Hate To Be’ which was released on 6th September 2019.

‘The Man I would Hate To Be’ opens with some light percussion that bleeds into a nice tight bassline, the overall sound getting a wee bit more complex, just merging together with the strong vocals for a song that kind of sticks in the mind. I liked that despite having a melancholic edge to it, it’s not overly slow, it has a nice energy to it, and a rhythm that both in context of the full song and on it’s own that’s really appealing. Overall, it’s just a chill, subdued track and I especially liked how it closed, the keys adding a lot and closing out the track well. 

So that’s what I thought of The Party Slogan’s single ‘The Man I Would Hate To Be’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify.

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