Food Review: Mars Protein Bar vs Snickers Protein Bar

Mars Bar (Protein) vs Snickers (Protein)

Mars IncorporatedMars and Snickers are both products of Mars, Incorporated, a company founded 108 years ago and is responsible for various confectionery and food stuffs including but not limited to 3 Musketeers, Big Red, Bounty, Galaxy, Hubba Bubba, Juicy Fruit, M&M’s, Milky Way , Skittles and Starburst.

So I recently discovered that Mars have released Protein bar versions of Mars bars and Snickers, as a big fan of both products I decided to check them out. Because of their popularity and brand saturation I decided much like with my Irn Bru Energy vs Coca Cola Energy review that as well as reviewing the product I would also compare the products as well.

Mars Bar (Protein) vs Snickers (Protein)Mars Protein Bar vs Snickers Protein Bar
First off both look very similar, significantly more so than the original versions at the very least. The only real difference being that the Snickers has some dimpling on the surface of the chocolate design due to the nuts. In terms of taste, I feel the Snickers holds the edge, although having said that the Mars Bar was far smoother and creamier than the base product. 

I think I prefer the Snickers overall though because while the Mars bar might taste better than the original product, it changed the core taste and texture too much, the Snickers instead managed to not only capture the original flavour but improved on it as well, all that and with the additional protein, they prove to be a better snack than their original products.

Another thing which boosted the Snickers over the Mars were the nuts, they added an extra layer of complexity in taste and texture to a product which had been smoothed down and simplified.

Since both are made by the same company, it’s interesting to see what they managed to do with both, and how the subtle changes to the recipe created two distinct, tasty and moreish products. 

Snickers Protein Peanut Butter Bar ArtworkAs a bonus, I recently tried the peanut butter variant of the Snickers, this is just like the regular Snickers protein bar but is packed with delicious creamy peanut butter, vastly improving the overall flavour experience. The richer and thicker peanut filling guarantees more protein, which is kind of the point of this snack, but its also tastier, creamy and incredibly moreish. It has a nice texture mix as well, blending the creamier peanut butter with actual chunks of peanut and of course caramel for something that packs a punch, has a nice crunch and is lovely to munch. Sorry some sort of rhyming goblin came over me there.

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