Food Review: Jaffa Cakes (Pineapple Flavour)

Jaffa Cakes (Pineapple)

McVitie’s logoJaffa Cakes are a product of McVitie’s (originally McVitie and Price) who are owned by United Biscuits a British multinational food manufacturer who is itself owned by Pladis Global a confections and snack foods company. Jaffa cakes derive their name from  Jaffa oranges, a prominent type of orange to export due to its tough skin.  

 I’ve been a fan of Jaffa Cakes for years, they are probably my second favourite sweet snack behind Daim bars (which I’ve also talked about and you can check that out here) so when I saw they had brought out a pineapple version of their classic product I snapped it up immediately.

Jaffa Cakes (Pineapple)Jaffa Cakes (Pineapple Flavour)
First up it looks identical to the original version, which is to be expected but is worth noting. It smells faintly of pineapple but not overpoweringly so. Now to taste, and in typical full moon, half moon total eclipse style (and if you don’t get that reference click here) I tried a few and found that the flavour was less pronounced off the bat than the classic Jaffas, but remained on the palate for longer. The pineapple worked really well with the chocolate though, they mingled extraordinarily well and created something that whole lot surpassing the original flavour did create something taste and unique enough that I’m sure many people will really enjoy it, and I could easily say it is the equal.


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