Food Review: Carabao (Various Flavours)

Carabao (Various Flavours)

Carabao LogoCarabao is a Thai energy drink which was developed back in 2002 by Carabao Tawandang Co Ltd. It is currently the second most popular energy drink in Thailand, and has connections with music and sport. It is connected to music through association with a Thai rock band of the same name. It is connected with sport through sponsorships with English football teams, Reading Football Club and Chelsea Football Club as well as other sports groups/organisations.

Carabao (Original)Original
It’s quite a light flavour, often the ‘original’ flavour versions of energy drinks will be hard on the palate, a rough taste, that’s not unpleasant, at least to me, but does define the flavour profile of the drink. Carabao bucks this trend by going for something softer and smoother, with a fruity note that hits out, subtle enough not to be overpowering but prominent enough to be a vital part of what makes it a strong and flavourful drink. 

Carabao (Green Apple)Green Apple
As I mentioned above this was my introduction to the Carabao line, and it’s so moreish, it’s tangy but not too sour, still light on the palate but a little stronger than the ‘Original’ variant and the apple flavour is rich and lasting and overall it’s just a more robust flavour for when you want caffeine but also a bit of a kick as well. 

Carabao (Mandarin Orange)Mandarin Orange
This was my first time trying this specific one, and it was interesting, the mandarin orange flavour was far more subdued that I was expecting, less in your face than the Green Apple, but it’s also a little broader as well, it’s very refreshing, perhaps the most off the three I’ve reviewed so far, with a harsh note upfront that fades to a softer, orange flavour. It’s very much an organic mandarin flavour that’s nice, although I think the Green Apple is still my favourite. 

Carabao (Mixed Berry)Mixed Berry
Surprisingly not as sweet as I was expecting, there’s non of the sugar rush that usually comes with berry flavoured energy drink but the flavour itself it’s very enticing, it’s a very broad flavour though, it doesn’t taste very distinct or specific, instead it’s just a pleasing overall flavour that is enjoyable and only becomes more so as you continue to drink.

Mango Burst
It’s syrupy sweet and just packed full of fresh sweet mango flavour, the juicy, mouth watering fruity punch takes the edge off the fizziness and the result is something that was well worth the wait. It also doesn’t taste too much like other mango flavoured energy drinks further setting Carabao apart for its unique and robust flavours.

So overall the Carabao line has some fine products, I have my favourite as you’ll probably be able to guess but they are all strong and each does something a little different, resulting in five very unique products. I suggest you try them all for yourself and find your favourite but rest assured whichever you pick you’ll be getting something low in calories but high in flavour.

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