TV Review: Cops and Monsters (Season 2)

Cops and Monsters Season 2 Artwork

Cops and Monsters is an award winning web-series based in Scotland, it is a crowdfunded project which follows PITS (Paranormal Investigation Team Scotland) and later S.P.I.D.E.R.S (SuPernatural IDentification Executive Regiment Scotland) as they attempt to manage the monster communities in Scotland, and we primarily see and deal with vampires, werewolves and zombies on the show. I’ve reviewed season 1 which you can check out here, and you can also check out my interview with the showrunner Fraser Coull, who was nice enough to talk with me a while back by clicking here. Season 2 is titled Cops and Monsters: Uprising and you can check out my review below. 

I liked the opening to the episode, having her get ready adds a bit of normalcy and almost vulnerability to a show that is distinctly supernatural. I also really enjoyed the new intro sequence, it was splashier and cooler, and shows in broad strokes the various elements of the show. You can also see a distinct improvement in the overall quality of production, which is saying something because I was impressed with the quality of the first season, especially considering they are working on a tighter budget than a non-indie production. I liked the distinctly Scottish feel of it, the actors were honest and real, they weren’t trying to downplay their Scottishness and that’s a big plus for me. Speaking of which, it’s super cool that they got Stephen Purdon, who plays the current longest serving character Bob O’Hara on River City. He stars in Cops and Monsters as Private Colin Jack Bissett and does the role justice, balancing his duty as a soldier with being a human in a world where the influx of ‘monsters’ are redefining the term. While I’m talking about strong casting Ellen Patterson as Maya Hedges who already did a terrific job last season was on top form for this episode, I can’t wait to see her character continue to grow as the season progresses. In this episode we also have Bill McBain as Connor Tulloch, the Zombie and he brings incredible depth to the role, really showing off the conflicted nature of his condition, and just delivered an incredible performance. Also it was great to see Billy Kirkwood return for this episode as The Cult of Many Faces, haunting the werewolf Alexis Smith, played by Innes Anderson, who was such a critical aspect of the previous season. I think I’ll give this episode a solid 4/5 and I’m super excited to see more from Cops and Monsters in the future.

So that’s what I thought of season 2 so far, I will continue to update this review as new episodes are released, but for now show support by following them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, you can find out more about the show by visiting their site and lastly, you can help with the production of future episodes by donating via the links on this page.


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