Single Review: Utada – Easy Breezy

Utada - Easy Breezy Artwork

So I initially came across the artist because Game Grumps talked about her during their Super Mario Galaxy playthrough, which you can check out here, I felt that perhaps the criticism was unfounded and wanted to check her track out for myself. Anyway Utada Hikaru (who is also known as Hikaru Utada or simply Utada) is a Japanese-American singer-songwriter, and today I will be reviewing her single ‘Easy Breezy’ which was her first single released in English, while being her sixteenth overall, it was released on the 4th August 2004, through Island Def Jam.

‘Easy Breezy’ has a nice upbeat synth intro that bleeds into some powerful vocals, as I mentioned up top I was directed to check out this track and the artist because this track was described as a low point when compared to their massive success and career in Japan, but to be honest I really liked it, perhaps because I am unfamiliar with their music prior to this (although I will be checking them out now) but there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s got a strong, memorable hook that’s just the right amount of silly, her vocals are impressive, clear and I just love her voice and overall it’s a strong, energetic track that has strong balance between vocals and instrumentals and just works really well. 

So that’s what I thought of Utada’s single ‘Easy Breezy’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Show support for the artist by following them on Twitter and Instagram.


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