Single Review: Lori Smith – Record on Repeat / Fighter

Lori Smith - Record On Repeat and Fighter Artwork

Lori Smith is a 15-year-old singer-songwriter from the West of Scotland, and today I’ll be reviewing her singles ‘Record On Repeat’ and ‘Fighter’. 

‘Record On Repeat’ has a nice electronic beat intro, and it flows perfectly into Lori’s tremendous voice. I’m fortunate when reviewing to hear a whole host of musicians of all ages, shapes and sizes and walks of life, and it’s a rare and fortunate gift to be so talented and composed at such an early age. I really look forward to hearing more from Lori in the future. This track is truly impressive, it has a powerful, confrontational energy, and it’s also super catchy. I have a strong feeling this will be another of the many songs I’ve got stuck in my head while doing these reviews. 

‘Fighter’ is slower than the previous track I reviewed but it’s equally impressive, this shows a whole other side to Lori’s vocals, and she really delivers a beautiful and melodic performance. I was just blown away by this track, it’s just so emotional and resonates so deeply. I strongly urge you to check it out. 

So that’s what I thought of Lori Smith’s tracks ‘Record On Repeat’ and ‘Fighter’ and you can check them out for yourself on Bandcamp by clicking here and here. If you would like to support the artist then you can by following them on Facebook.


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