EP Review: Fantanas – Come Out to Play

Fantanas - Come Out to Play Artwork

Fantanas are a two man rock outfit from Renfrewshire made up of Craig Carrigan on Guitar/lead vocals and Cameron Ross on Drums/backing vocals. Today I’ll be reviewing their EP ‘Come Out to Play’.

‘Not Quite There’ starts hard, with a heavy drum and bass line, it builds on that surprisingly slowly, but I’ve always liked tracks that subvert my expectations. I like that as the vocals build and progress the song does just build behind it, but it still manages to maintain a somewhat consistent rhythm. It’s overall a well composed track that just got stuck in my head. 

‘Creeping’ hammers out the gate, much like the previous track, but this is faster, harder, more energetic, the percussion especially is just phenomenal. I like that even though it does just explode forward, it isn’t afraid of throwing a wee bit of complexity in, the tempo changes, it slows down for a vocal section, and it’s just a buzz with various different elements that all add up to one great track. 

‘Hello Me’ is a little slower paced than ‘Creeping’, and not as tightly packed up front as ‘Not Quite There’, but it’s definitely got a lot going for it, where I felt the previous tracks, had a greater focus on instrumentals than vocals, this one shifts the balance a little more, and it’s good, the vocals are strong, work well within the context to the track and add a lot to this entry on the EP. 

‘Come Out to Play’ is the title track of the EP and it does that role justice, it’s kind of a blend of the speed and intensity expressed in the previous track, the best of what they have done so far, and much like ‘Hello Me’ it’s a good balance of vocals and instrumentals. Honestly, there was no had entry on this list, each was a great musical experience, but this one took the top spot for me, and is my personal favourite on the EP. 

So that’s what I thought of Fantanas’s EP ‘Come Out to Play’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. And make sure and support  the band by following them on Twitter.


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