Top 10: FilmCow Videos

Top 10: FilmCow Videos Artwork

FilmCow (formerly SecretAgentBob) is a YouTube channel created by Jason Steele where he creates various videos and animations. You can find out more about him and FilmCow by visiting their website or by following them on Social Media via Facebook and Twitter. They are known for amongst other things their Charlie the Unicorn and is Llamas with Hats series, both of which are immensely popular. 

1. It’s Cake Boss!
I struggled with what video should take the top spot, in fact of all the top 10’s I’ve done this was the hardest to break down to just 10 entries and three honourable mentions, but I decided on It’s Cake Boss! because not only is it hilarious, and represents the FilmCow style perfectly, that is to say taking absurdity to its extreme, but also it’s a genuinely funny pastiche of the actual Cake Boss show. 

2. In This Box (With Lyrics)
I honestly don’t know why I love this one so much, I guess in the end I’m just a fan of quirky music and surreal humour, and this video has a robot ice cream sandwich so you can imagine how strange it gets. The song is also just super catchy, if you’d like to get it for yourself then you can by following this link

3. Stanley and the Pineapple
So it’s been approximately 9 years since this video first dropped and I estimate that I quote the line ‘cucumbers have wicked souls’ at least once a month, it’s just such a funny, and weird episode, and in classic FilmCow fashion it gets a little bit dark at the end. 

4. The Interview
I’m a big fan of comedy that starts off normal and gets weird, where it suddenly shifts apropos of nothing and subverts your expectations. FilmCow will usually go a different route and start at weird, and then keep escalating up  the scale to truly bizarre. However in this case they followed the more traditional convention of sudden escalation and I feel it worked really well. This is a strong video, and a very quotable one as well.

5. Zulway: God of Mercy
Kind of goes against what I just said I liked but this one starts off weird and gets stranger, and it’s really well executed, Zulway is an enigmatic and funny character, who just drops in and delivers justice, stealing husbands and killing kids over ice cream disputes. 

6. The Bearnicorn
On the face of it, it could easily just be an average video, it’s got the standard voice acting and design style, but what elevates it to a truly fantastic video is the song at the end parodying the theme song from Frasier.

7. Professor Toothy
I’ve touched on this above, but FilmCow does absurd really well, and this one is just a masterclass in not only creating a funny cartoon, but also doing it exceptionally well. I honestly don’t think I’ll get the ‘It’s Professor Toothy’ jingle out of my head. Also every time I watch it I get a real craving for Lamb chops for some reason. 

Even though it’s fairly low down on this list, I am particularly fond of this one, the music, the live action with paper characters, the whole narrative is both engaging and silly, every time I watch it I just get sucked into it. 

9. The Magical Realm of Horse Man (Unsuccessful) TV Pitch
Again, for being so low down on the list it’s amazing how good this is, I guess when you go through dozens of videos to find just 10, each pick is going to be a strong entry. Anyway, this has the paper character style I mentioned enjoying from the previous entry, and features the titular Horse Man, and a whole host of other eclectic characters having parties and just generally tolerating (…or not) on another. This is actually the third, of three videos featuring the Horse Man and I strongly suggest you check them out, which you can do by clicking here and here

10. The Walrus Song
Is a super catchy, super upbeat, super fun song that gets sinister very quickly, turning from happy go lucky to disturbing very quickly, and I love it. You can also get a copy of that by following this link.

Honourable mentions go to Ferrets, Ghost House and Agent Kit-Kat which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.


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