Food Review: Manomasa (Various Flavours)

Manomasa Collection

Manomasa LogoManomasa are a manufacturer of a line of delicious flavoured tortilla chips, they make a wide range including Queso Blanco & Lemon Drop Chilli, Chargrilled Pineapple & Árbol and Serrano Chilli & Yucatan Honey among others. Today however I’ll be reviewing Manchego & Green Olive and Beef Barbacoa & Dill Pickle, and may add and update this review as I try other products from the Manomasa line. 

Manchego and Green OliveManchego & Green Olive
I’m not usually a fan of tortilla chips, unless coated in copious amounts of cheese, then tend in my opinion to be a little bland, but the Manomasa products buck that trend, they are rather thick corn chips which means they can be a touch mealy, but flavour wise they cannot be faulted, it’s subtle without being understated, and makes for a unique corn flavoured chip. 

Beef Barbacoa and Dill PickleBeef Barbacoa & Dill Pickle
Where the Manchego & Green Olive product was subtle, this one has a stronger flavour, the chips themselves are still a little too thick for my liking but it doesn’t impact the quality. Both products would be improved by some salsa, but unlike other corn chip products I’ve tried these don’t require it to be palatable, and would merely improve on a strong, bold corn chip with a pronounced and unique flavour.


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