Food Review: Irn Bru – Spiced Ginger (Crimbo Juice)

Irn Bru - Spiced Ginger (Crimbo Juice)

So before I get started, I have to say as much as I am a fan of Irn Bru and you can check out evidence of that here and here I am most decidedly not a fan of ginger, other than ginger nut biscuits I tend to avoid all things with ginger because I just don’t enjoy the taste. I feel like it’s too overpowering, too spicy, and at least for me just not a pleasant taste, but I am nothing if not thorough so before the limited edition Irn Bru drink comes off the shelves, I thought I would try it out, just like I promised in my review of Irn Bru 1901.

Irn Bru - Spiced Ginger (Crimbo Juice)Irn Bru – Spiced Ginger
So before I move on to taste, I have to say I really like the bottle design. It’s a nice festive twist on the familiar branding, orange becomes red and the blue becomes deeper and darker and I overlaid with snowflakes. But my personal favourite is the man holding the words Irn and Bru part has been replaced by the snowman from this classic Irn Bru Christmas advert.

Okay on to taste finally, and I am pleasantly surprised, on the face of it, you just get the usual refreshing flavour of Irn bru, although a little lighter than the regular drink, chasing up that initial flavour is ginger but it’s not too overpowering, it just adds a nice spicy, warm feeling to the classic Bru recipe. I can’t say I would drink it all the time but much like mulled wine, eggnog or a nice hot toddy it’s a valued part of the Christmas beverages from now on. I have to say I might have changed my mind on ginger or and far more complementary to Irn Bru and Barr’s, maybe they are just so good that they made something I usually can’t stand pleasant enough that I polished off a 2 litre bottle by choice.

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