Product Review: Red Bull (Tropical Fruits and Coconut & Berry)

Red Bull - Various Flavours

Red Bull LogoRed Bull is an energy drink product of an Austrian company of the same name, it is notable for its slogan and advertising campaigns based around the idea that “Red Bull gives you wings”. Today I’ll be reviewing two flavour variants to the original or classic Red Bull product.

Red Bull - Tropical FlavourTropical Fruits
Unlike other drinks I’ve reviewed here such as the Irn Bru Energy or Coca Cola Energy, this Red Bull variant doesn’t taste like Red Bull upfront, which isn’t a negative, just a point I wanted to bring out. It’s also very refreshing, and doesn’t overpower you, it’s a nice smooth drink that makes good use of the tropical flavouring, and is packed full of that caffeine that I so crave. It’s very light, which combined with the flavour is very appealing.

Red Bull - Coconut and BerryCoconut & Berry
I thoroughly enjoyed a product by Rockstar called Freeze Pineapple and Coconut, and since it was discontinued I’ve been on the lookout for a similar product, and while this one tastes more distinctly of coconut, it’s a respectable substitute as well as being a fine beverage in its own right. Equally refreshing, and very interesting flavour wise.


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