Food Review: ProFirst – Meal Replacement Bar (Various Flavours) 

ProFirst Protein Bar Collection

ProFirst are a line of flavoured protein bars, designed as a meal supplement and/or replacement, I decided to pick them up out of curiosity and because they were on sale in my local Home Bargains for £1 each. I decided to go for one of each of the available flavours so that I could more accurately report on the product as a whole. 

ProFirst Protein Bar Caramel FlavourCaramel
The ProFirst bars are a fantastic treat that don’t skimp on flavour and are packed full of vitamins. The caramel one tastes nice but isn’t too sweet, which helps the milk chocolate coated bar to feel more like the healthy weight controlled confection that it is. Texture wise it’s a soft bite but not too soft, the caramel is moreish and again tastes nice without being too much, all in all I’d say it’s enjoyable, especially since it’s a healthier alternative.

ProFirst Protein Bar Strawberry FlavourStrawberry
This one is white chocolate which provides a slightly different texture to the milk chocolate on the caramel version, and again it tastes good, especially for a healthier treat, this one doesn’t have the same inner layer as the caramel version, instead the strawberry flavour seems mixed into the thick white chocolate bar, which isn’t better or worse but different. My only complaint is that it’s a little chalky, but that for me isn’t too bad, but you should take it on board if you plan on getting one for yourself. 

ProFirst Protein Bar Chocolate Mint FlavourChocolate Mint
I am a big fan of dark chocolate and mint, and together they work really well, the texture is a little tough, certainly tougher than the caramel, so if you don’t like a little chewing then this isn’t for you. It also smells really chocolatey which for me is a big plus. It can be a little cloying so I wouldn’t recommend eating more than one. But since the bars are meant as meal replacement bars one is probably enough anyway.


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