Types Of Narration And Which One To Use​

Types Of Narration And Which One To Use Artwork

Narration is broken down into three classifications, First Person, Second Person and Third Person and to explain more clearly,

First Person Narration. This is where the events of the story are told from the point of view of a character in the story, usually referencing events they are or have experienced. This type of narration is useful for helping the reader to connect more to the character, it also makes the story more real because it’s being told by a first hand source, the same way historic accounts from people there at the time are of great benefit to academic accounts because it’s not just speculation or conjecture but real life and often intimate accounts of events.

Second Person Narration. This type of narration brings the reader into the story, it’s not a me, it’s a you, and no I’m not just quoting Mario, basically in a second person narration the author utilises the ‘You’ Pronoun. This type of narration is useful because it not only connects the reader to the character but literally injects them into the story, it helps to evoke a powerful reaction in the reader by making it more personal, but it can be difficult to manage so be wary of taking on this narrative style.

Third Person Narration. This is a fairly popular choice for narration, and comes in either an omniscient or limited variety which I will explain in more detail. Both varieties the author uses third person pronouns such as “he”, “she” or “they” but for omniscience as the word suggests, the narrator knows everything, they are aware of everything happening and are relaying that viewpoint to the reader. Whereas when it’s limited, the narration is limited to a single set of thoughts, feelings and impressions on the events taking place. Both can work, and both allow a level of flexibility in approaching the story that the other two classifications of narration don’t.

So I’ve told you the three types of narration and what they can bring to the story, now to finish off the title, which you pick? It’s a bit of a cop out but to be honest whichever one you feel fits your story, or fits your writing style, I mentioned not everyone likes second person for example but that shouldn’t stop you if you like or work well with that narration type, just pick what works and just write…write…write!


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