Getting Over Writer’s Block

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I think most, if not all people will have suffered from the creative drought known as Writer’s Block at some point in their life. While this is bad in the short term, it does mean that there is a whole host of remedies for Writer’s Block, tried and tested by you hardworking creative types. So here we some tips for getting over writer’s block:

1. A New Environment. It might seem a little simplistic but just changing things up and getting out of your regular environment can really make a difference and get the juices flowing.

2. Let the words flow. If you can’t keep going with what you’re currently doing, maybe try just writing anything, some guilt free, pressure free writing to remind you why you love the craft in the first place and also to just get words on the page.

3. Change up your routine. If you’re consistently struggling then maybe shake up your writing routine by writing earlier in the morning or late at night, or try writing for more or less time than usual.

4. Set a routine. Might seem kind of counter-intuitive considering the last entry on this list but if you don’t have a routine down for writing then that might be the source of your writer’s block, so just set a time to write and do it and hopefully you can push past the block.

5. Use prompts. If you just want to write and aren’t too worried about what you’re writing then maybe try out some writing prompts, it takes some of the pressure off and let’s you just get words down. This might also help even if you do have an established WIP because you can take a break and just write something easy (see Let the words flow above for more details).

6. Try something new. Before I explain this one I will say that when I see it as a suggestion it’s often a bit privileged, like why not go skydiving or travel across Asia, which not everyone can do but what I mean is something new and different but as big or small as you can manage. Even changing up routes when walking, get the brain working and can help. Now to why it’ll help, as I alluded to, trying something new can stimulate the mind and hopefully that will break through that pesky writer’s block.
Add to what you already do – Sometimes you’re doing everything right and still struggling, why not just add something. Listen to music (with or without lyrics, although I personally prefer without), tidy up your work area or add a little snack as an incentive for getting something written. Just small things you add to boost or encourage creativity and hopefully beat writer’s block.

7. Just write. I think most writers tend to see writing as a strictly creative pursuit, meaning if you’re uninspired or blocked then you can’t write. However, if you want to write professionally then you need to devote time to it even if you don’t feel like you can, so yeah just write, whether you’re inspired or uninspired, whether you’re willing or not until you’ve finished your work.

So those are some tips for conquering writer’s block and hopefully they will be of some help to you. Thank you for reading and keep your eyes peeled for more soon.


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