Single Review: Ruben Young – Golden Hell

Ruben Young - Golden Hell Artwork

Ruben Young is an R&B/pop artist and singer-songwriter from Calgary, Canada. Today I’ll be reviewing his latest single ‘Golden Hell’.

‘Golden Hell’ opens with a vibrant, rising, instrumental opening, which transitions smoothly into harmonious vocals, perfectly balanced with the music, a voice that is silvery and deeply engaging, all coming together to create a track that just works. The kind of track you could (and I did) listen to on repeat without getting bored. It just has this nice feel to it, something that almost beckons you to get moving along with it, but also isn’t a song that’s only for getting you moving, it’s paced evenly enough that you could just as easily sit back and listen to it, and chill out as well. 

So that’s what I thought about Ruben Young’s single ‘Golden Hell’ and if you want to check that out then pop on over to Spotify. And you can support the artist by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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