Single Review: Emi V – Open Your Eyes

Emi V - Open Your Eyes Artwork

Emi V is an incredibly talented 16-year-old singer-songwriter from Ayrshire, who plays a variety of instruments such as piano, guitar and ukulele. Her music crosses a variety of genres including op, soul and blues. She has gigged all across Scotland, and despite her young age has already become a successful musician. If you would like to find out more about Emi V then you can check out an interview I did with her a few months ago over on YouTube. Today I’ll be reviewing her debut release ‘Open Your Eyes’ which was officially released on the 23rd February 2020, with a music video expected to be released in the near future. 

‘Open Your Eyes’ opens with melodic, soothing piano music, that just flows forward sweeping you away, and then you are hit by her powerful and transcendent voice, all the more impressive given her age. Honestly though it’s rare to find a track of this quality, and given that this is her first, I’m sure we can all expect a lot more from the sensational talent that is Emi V. I like songs with a sad or bitter note to them, I’m not sure why, but Emi manages to capture that melancholic energy perfectly, a mournful and beautiful ballad that tugs at the heart strings and really resonates with the listener. I strongly suggest you check this out now, if you haven’t already. 

So that’s what I thought of Emi V’s debut single ‘Open Your Eyes’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. Make sure and support the artist by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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One thought on “Single Review: Emi V – Open Your Eyes

  1. I admire greatly Emi V’s kind heart and ability to write such passionate, meaningful lyrics as a young teenager and sing with so much emotion in her varied and hauntingly beautiful tones. Love her!


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