Food Review: Pork Bacon vs Turkey Bacon

Pork Bacon and Turkey Bacon

So I’m a big fan of bacon, and recently I’ve been eating more Turkey Bacon as a by product of eating at iCafe, an establishment in Kilmarnock, and you can check out a food review I did of them by clicking here. But anyway, I decided to compare and contrast pork bacon with turkey bacon and see what was good or bad about both. 

Pork Bacon PhotoPork Bacon
So the classic bacon, the original and for many a favourite, so popular that it’s also a cologne, a soft drink, a toothpaste and a soap. I love bacon, and the bacon I made for the purposes of this review looks pretty good, or at least as good as bacon usually does. Now I like mine to be a little crispy but not burnt, when I see pictures of American bacon it always looks overcooked in my opinion which I feel takes away from the flavour, but enjoy bacon however you prefer to enjoy bacon, no judgement here. I also prefer my bacon to be smoked rather than unsmoked, but fortunately bacon is so tasty that it’s good either way, smoked bacon just has a little more flavour. So anyway, the bacon I cooked was tender and chewy, tasted good on its own and in a sandwich. I don’t usually include condiments like Ketchup or Brown sauce but that’s always an option. Overall, I know I like pork bacon, it’s good for breakfast, good for lunch and dinner and it’s always going to be a personal favourite of mine.

Turkey BaconTurkey Bacon
So compared to Pork Bacon, Turkey Bacon looks different, for a start there are none of the ruffles you’ll find on a bacon rasher, but it’s not an unappealing change, it looks just as good, and in fact fits better on a sandwich, without artificially bulking it up. In terms of taste, it’s really good, it’s not as strong a flavour, but that’s because the specific brand I purchased is only lightly smoked and the smoking process the bacon goes through adds a lot of flavour. Despite that it’s really good, it’s chewy, and actually tastes meatier than regular pork bacon.

So first off, I think you could easily tell, especially visually which was which, Turkey Bacon isn’t like some other alternatives where you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference but it’s delicious, and the cut of the meat is distinct and has its own appeal. Both work well, taste good and I feel that Turkey Bacon could easily be substituted for pork bacon in meals without unduly impacted enjoyment of them. I personally really like it and welcome it as an interesting alternative to what I’d usually eat. I won’t go as far as to say I 100% prefer it to pork bacon, but it’s certainly equal, plus it has fewer calories and fat than pork bacon, and provides an option for people on diets which typically preclude pork. That being said, I would not say that Turkey Bacon is necessarily healthier, and much like anything should be consumed in moderation.


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