Single Review: Women of the Night – Leather Glove / Quiet Nights

Women of the Night - Leather Glove Artwork

Women of the Night are a three piece dream pop/protopunk band, originally from Australia but now based in New York made up of Jords on Vocals/Guitar, Grey Watson on Bass and Kyubae Lee on Percussion/Drums.

‘Leather Glove’ opens with a reverb and guitar, that supports the smooth, smokey vocals perfectly, building on that gaining a little energy, but still managing to sound just a little subdued, I think it works really well for the track, like it’s this well paced and even rhythm that’s rises and falls just like a good song should. I touched on them above but the vocals are a particular highlight of this track, they work perfectly with it. 

‘Quiet Nights’ instantly has a different tone and energy to the previous track, it’s has a  fading, almost dream-like quality to it, this gentle give and pull, like waves flowing back and forth, it has these vibrant little trilling notes, interspersed throughout, that add to the whole effect. It’s a truly spectacular song, that’s easy to listen to, very calming and great for just listening to and falling deep into the soft melody. 

So that’s what I thought about Women of the Night’s singles ‘Leather Glove / Quiet Nights’ which you can check out on Bandcamp. And while you’re at it support the band by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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