Food Review: McDonald’s Veggie Dippers

McDonalds Veggie Dippers Photo

McDonald’s is a fast food company, which started in America in 1940 and has since spread to over 100 countries, with over 37,855 outlets as of 2018. It was founded by siblings Richard and Maurice McDonald, neither of whom you’ll be surprised to learn were clowns, in fact the ‘popular’ McDonalds Mascot, Ronald McDonald wasn’t introduced until 1965 in a bid to attract more children to their products.  Side note, and more of a did you know, the original McDonalds mascot was actually a hamburger wearing a chef hat called ‘Speedee’. So I feel like that’s enough to be getting along with, no doubt you’re already familiar with the fast food chain, and their products such as cheese and hamburgers, McNuggets and dessert dishes such as Apple Pies and Mcflurries. 

McDonalds Veggie Dippers photoVeggie Dippers
So usually with these dishes I contrast and compare the vegan/vegetarian dish with its meat alternative, but in this case the closest comparison would be the chicken dippers. However unlike for example my vegan steak bake or sausage roll reviews this dish isn’t trying to simulate a meat version.

First impressions are that they obviously look different from the chicken selects, they have a smoother breadcrumb coating for a start and the first bite is very hot, because of the red pepper and sun-dried tomato pesto, it very nearly burned my mouth. However once it cooled down a touch it was a very pleasant taste sensation. Crispy and satisfying with a rich filling, it works well. Now as I mentioned this is far more of its own dish than some of the other vegan products I’ve reviewed and since this is not a meat alternative I don’t really have to say whether I prefer it to a McDonald’s Chicken Select, what I will say however is that it’s very tasty either instead of or in addition to chicken. Me and Victoria both tried it, she found it okay but didn’t like the texture which can be a little mushy, they said and I quote ‘they were nice to try but I probably wouldn’t order them again’.

I, on the other hand, really enjoyed them. They were a little spicy and had an almost bitter edge to them that I found very appealing. To be honest the Veggie Dippers were quite different from anything I’d tried before, the only thing that I felt was somewhat similar were the Veggie Fingers from Birds Eye, however those in comparison are much blander and more mushy, whereas the McDonald’s product holds up better in its breaded casing and has a much more satisfying taste.


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