Single Review: Djana Gabrielle – Glasgow

Djana Gabrielle - Glasgow Artwork

I’ve spoken about the phenomenally talented Djana Gabrielle previously but in case you aren’t familiar she is an indie/folk singer-songwriter, originally from Cameroon but based now in Glasgow. In fact this track is a tribute to the city that Djana has come to think of as a second home. If you are interested you can also check out some of the other reviews of Djana’s work I’ve done by clicking here. Also I interviewed her and if you would like to check that out then you can click here.

‘Glasgow’ opens with a beautiful guitar intro, and the breaks into the rapturous voice of Djana, I always enjoy listening to her music, as you can probably tell from my previous reviews but coming back after not listening to her for a while, I have to say that ‘Glasgow’ and I mean the track and not the city, just took my breath away, it’s so hopeful and sweet, and as someone who also feels the Glasgow is my home away from home, and this time I am talking about the city, it real resonates with me.

So that’s what I thought of Djana Gabrielle’s single ‘Glasgow’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Bandcamp. Make sure and support the artist by following her on Facebook and Twitter.


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