Single Review: Bhad Bhabie – These Heaux

Bhad Bhabie - These Heaux Artwork

Danielle Bregoli, better known as Bhad Bhabie is an American internet personality and rapper from Boynton Beach, Florida. She first became popular due to a viral video meme featuring her catchphrase “Cash Me Ousside, Howbow Dah” which itself became noted due to Bregoli’s appearance on an episode of Dr. Phil in September 2016. Since then Bregoli has kicked off a successful music career, in 2017 she even became the youngest female rapper to appear on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Today I’ll be reviewing her single ‘These Heaux’ which was released on August 24th 2017 and is the rapper’s debut single. 

‘These Heaux’ opens with a various discordant trilling notes that sort of build in intensity, almost building a sort of low level dread, but honestly it all works really well, Bregoli delivers her lines really well, it has a nice energy, a lot of bite to it and a fantastic rhythm that just really catches you. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I first listened but not only was I surprised by this but I really enjoyed it. It also has a really nice hook to it, and while Bregoli delivers the lines fast, as a good rap should be delivered, she’s clear, so far more a lyrical rapper than a mumble rapper.

So that’s what I thought of Bhad Bhabie’s single ’These Heaux’ and if you want to check that out for yourself then head on over to Spotify. While you’re at it, make sure and support the artist by visiting their website, and by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Bhabie has also recently started an Onlyfans account, which you can check out here, if that’s something that interests you.

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