Game Review: Feel the Snow

Feel the Snow Artwork

So Feel the Snow is a sandbox action/adventure game for the PC, currently available on Steam for the price of £5.99 which I can say is more than worth it. It was released by developer and publisher, Owlet back in the 14th October 2016 as an early access game. Feel the Snow has multiplayer capabilities, but in my opinion the whole feel of this game makes playing solo more appealing, at least for me.

There’s a lot to like about this game, for a start the main characters are adorable, their designs are simple and yet very aesthetically pleasing. In fact, the entire game’s design is beautiful, it blends the simplicity of retro games, with great artwork, to make something that’s lovely to look at, and enjoyable to play.

The music is equally pleasing, it’s relaxing for the most part, things obviously shift a little during the night when the monsters begin to roam, but overall it’s just this atmospheric melody that’s both soothing and deeply engrossing. It’s also perfectly balanced with the gameplay for maximum immersion and impact. 

That’s another thing, I’ve seen other people mention that it’s only like 15-20 hours of gameplay, but much like similar crafting games such as Minecraft you can easily just take things slow, without it encumbering your overall experience. It’s easy to lose in game days, and real hours on gradually growing your resources, building things and upgrading your character. Made even more engaging by having to try and stay alive in an environment that is both beautiful and unforgiving. But while you can easily just resource gather and build, unlike Minecraft there’s also a proper storyline, so you can wander aimlessly and just explore, but also you can progress through the story, and meet the challenges it offers. 

Usually I am not a big fan of combat in these types of games, it can often feel clunky, and tends to be, at least for me, the least fun part of what is an engaging game. However Feel the Snow, is a fun exception, while I still struggle with the controls, a byproduct of not being great with keyboard gaming, and being far more comfortable with a controller, it was fairly fluid and intuitive and while I didn’t feel entirely comfortable killing the cute wee sprites, there was a certain satisfaction in levelling up and getting better weaponry.

Overall it’s a really enjoyable game, you balance keeping your stats up (such as health and hunger) with building your own home, weapons and tools. You can wander the lands, encountering enemies, friends and all sorts of strange things, and especially for the price, it’s such a terrific game. I’ve lost hours to it already and plan to spend a lot more before I am done. I don’t want to overstate it, but seriously, this is just an incredibly beautiful game, that provides challenges and struggles, but is also soothing and relaxing. So because of all that I think I will give it a 5/5.


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