Album Review: Starbomb – The TryForce

Starbomb - The TryForce Album Cover

So partly because I heard it was the last one and didn’t want to rush into listening to it knowing it might be the last new release and partly just because life got in the way I’m a little late to reviewing this new album from Starbomb which was released on April 19th 2019. As I kind of hinted at, this isn’t my first time reviewing Starbomb and you can check out my reviews of the first and second albums respectively by clicking here and here. If you are a fan of the group you’ll also know that two members of this group are also members of the musical duo, Ninja Sex Party. If you want to check out my reviews of NSP then you can check those out by clicking here, here, here, here, here, here and here. So I kind of skipped actually introducing the band so I’ll do that now before we move on to the actual review. Starbomb is an American Music/comedy group which was established in 2013 and is made up of Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang), Brian Wecht (also known as Ninja Brian) and Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor). As well as working on Starbomb, two of its members are Ninja Sex Party as mentioned above and all three are associated with YouTube lets play series Game Grumps which you should check out here. Anyway now that I’ve shamelessly cross-linked the entire NSP and Starbomb Discography to date, let’s get on with the actual review.

‘Intro (Try)’ is a fun and classic little intro track, very much in the same vein as other Starbomb and NSP tracks. They also name check the awesome TWRP who after having seen them live when Ninja Sex Party came to Edinburgh, I cannot firmly enough state their talent. My only real complaint is that, and the song more or less confirms, that this might be the last Starbomb album. Although even that, they manage to do with their typical fun, energy and electronic feel. 

‘Hardest Fucking Game in the World’ opens a little differently that I’m used to, with a sultry female voice, but then we have Arin furiously rapping, and I’m back in my comfort zone, and he really is giving it his all, a lot of energy. I love Dan’s additions, he’s obviously less comfortable with rapping, but he actually provides a counterpoint, plus his more melodic singing parts add a lot to the track as a whole. I’m a huge fan of songs with a lot of drive to them, they feel like hero music, and this track really has it. 

‘A Boy and his Boat’ is more familiar to Starbomb fans, but it’s still a fun and deeply engaging song, plus Dan get’s to be a boat…or a hat? (God, what a dumb joke only fans of Game Grumps, 10 minute power hour might get!). I think what I like most about this track is that is has a very specific rhythm and energy, a nice back and forth, that becomes more ludicrous as it progresses. 

‘Filling in the Name Of’ has a fantastic drum fill, that explodes into Arin singing, all energy and big vibes, it’s just a fantastic Tetris themed song, that’s not only a fun gaming based song, but is genuinely a song I would and could enjoy outside of its context. It’s just such a strong entry to the TryForce album, and you should also check out the video, which you can do by clicking here

‘Welcome to the Mario Party’ has a fun synthy vocal intro, very funky, not my favourite Mario themed song, that’s still Luigi’s Ballad, but this easily takes the number 2 spot, it just has such a great beat to it, it’s songs like this where you can see that Starbomb, and by extension NSP have evolved so much, not just in terms of their songwriting but the skill as musicians have developed so much, and i’m so proud to have seen them grow as artists through the years. 

‘Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Skit’ not only is this a sweet little promo for the Game Grumps published game, Dream Daddy but it’s also a fun little in-between part that is just so much their style of humour. I loved it. Also if you haven’t already, check out Dream Daddy, and if you need more convincing check out my review here. 

‘Donkey Kong Joonyer’ is such a goofy track, with well written lyrics, smoothly delivered by Dan, while Arin get to just go a bit crazy. It’s not perhaps the strongest entry on the album, but it’s good, a personal highlight being ‘Joonyers’ guitar solo. 

‘A Wild Guitar Solo Appears!’ As I said, the previous track was good, but not the strongest in my opinion, this track kicks things back up again, it really gives Dan a chance to shine as a vocalist, and it’s just a fun and awesome track, plus we get to hear a sweet little Pikachu. 

‘The Simple Plot of Kingdom Hearts’ has the return of my favourite running joke on these albums, the simple plots are great, a highlight of each Starbomb album, and this one is no exception. In fact I think it might be my favourite of the three because Dan’s announcer character just sounds so done with the whole thing, which is hilarious. Also Brian talks in this, which is cool and not super common in these songs. As a fan of Kingdom Hearts, this one was particularly good, and I liked the Sora voice just interjecting to say the host summing up the game is wrong. The balance between Danny’s singing sections and the more staccato delivery of other parts works really well. 

‘Arin Checks the Mic’ another fun in between section, we also get to hear some of Arin’s fantastic freestyle rapping, and in this case it was actually really good, it made sense, and was just really well done. Plus the Mega-Man bit at the end was sweet, and is a subtle reference to his Sequelitis video, which you can check out here

‘Blowing the Payload’ is another whopper of the track, that proves without a doubt that when Arin goes for it, he really goes for it. He can deliver a really powerful performance that especially when counterpointed by Dan’s more melodic delivery results in a deeply engaging and complex track. 

‘Vegeta’s Serenade’ is easily my favourite track on the entire album, and not just because I love Dragon Ball, not only does it perfectly sum up a key aspect of Dragon Ball in a clear and succinct way, but it really reflects the characters they are dealing with. It’s also funny and beautifully composed, also we get to hear Arin singing, not just rapping but seriously singing, and I’m honestly so impressed. 

‘This Song Sucks’ is probably the funniest one, and it’s really just them listing rejected songs, but then again one of my favourite things from NSP was their list of rejected song titles, so maybe i’m just particularly partial to that type of nonsense. The previous track was my absolute favourite, definitely of this album, possibly of all Starbomb albums, but this is easily my second favourite. Personal highlight being the Sonic Boom diss. 

‘Outro (Force)’ and here we are at another outro, it’s a nice finale that’s musical and fun, but really just rounds off things nicely in a fashion that continues the trend developed across these album. 

So that’s what I think about Starbomb’s third and potentially final album ‘The TryForce’ and if you want to get your own copy then head on over to Spotify and if you want to keep up with the latest from Starbomb then check them out on Facebook, Twitter and on their personal website. Also if you want to see music videos for the various Starbomb tracks as well as behind the scenes stuff then check out their YouTube channel.


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