Food Review: Yushoi (Various Flavours)

Yushoi - Various Flavours

Yushoi LogoSo Yushoi is a product produced by Calbee Group UK, who also make Harvest Snaps and Seabrooks crisps as well. The Yushoi brand is inspired by Japan, specifically the mindful culture they discovered there. Yushoi is also intended to be a healthier alternative to conventional snacks, allowing customers to make a more informed decision for a snack on the go. Today I will be reviewing a few different flavours from the Yushoi line of products, and you can check that out below.

Yushoi - Lightly Sea SaltedLightly Sea Salted
Because these are baked Pea Snap products they are a little different from regular potato chips and so I wanted to address that first, they are puffier and have a different consistency, which takes some getting used to but isn’t unpleasant, in fact I really enjoyed it. Now to the flavour, they aren’t overly different to other sea salt flavoured products, but the puffy consistency serves to saturate the flavouring better and as a result tastes better overall. 

Yushoi - Sea Salt and Balsamic VinegarSea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar
I covered the consistency of the product up above so I won’t repeat myself, but again, much like with the sea salt, it coats and saturates well into the pea snap, I usually prefer something lightly salted over salt and vinegar but for this one it’s swapped, and I much prefer the salt and balsamic vinegar, it provides a sharper flavour that works well with the pea snap. 

Yushoi - Sweet Chilli with LemonSweet Chilli & Lemon
I’ve been impressed so far,  but these are truly the best of the three, the sweet chilli mixes well with the snap peas for the best flavour distribution, and the subtle lemon offsets the chilli flavour to provide a great snacking experience. As I touched on above, the snap peas are a little different, but honestly it works really well as a potato chip alternative and are moreish, perfect as a treat.


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