Food Review: Crunchips (paprika flavour)


Lorenz Snack World LogoCrunchips are a product of Lorenz Snack-World, a German food manufacturer, known for producing a range of potato chips but also produce pretzel sticks, crackers and nuts to over 80 countries across the world. Lorenz HQ is based in Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt) but they also have branches in around the world, including Austria, Poland and Russia, all contributing to this independent family-owned company’s success. 

I feel like that’s a good introduction to Lorenz, now let’s move on. I first discovered the product in question in the foreign food aisle at Morrisons, although locally they are also available in Tesco. I was hesitant to buy them because, I assume due to shipping costs they come in at £2 per bag, a little more expensive than I usually pay for crisps, but one day when I had a little bit of extra money I bought myself a bag, and I do not regret it, but I’ll cover that more below. 

Crunchips Paprika flavour CrispsCrunchips (Paprika flavour)
So I said above that the price put me off a little, but honestly you get a lot for what you pay for, the bag is nice and big, and unlike other manufacturers of potato crisps, there’s actually more crisps in the bag than air (or nitrogen as it may be), while still managing to be fresh and have a crunch to them. Now onto flavour, we don’t really do paprika crisps in the UK, I can think of one brand (Walkers Max) but it’s far less common than your standard cheese and onion or salt and vinegar, but it’s delicious, not only does the paprika flavouring work really well on their crisps, but also it’s such a consistent and even coating, so you never get a crisp that’s under flavoured or substandard. In fact without admitting how much I am cheating on my diet, I’ve had a fair few bags of Crunchips since I first found them in Morrisons, and i have yet to have a bag that wasn’t incredibly satisfying and perfectly cooked and flavoured. The actual crisps themselves are mostly uniform in size, have a decent crunch, and are roughly bite-sized, not monster chips that take more than one bite to eat, slowing down the whole snacking process. Overall, I cannot recommend these chips strongly enough, they are really good and I suggest you try them out. Lorenz, also do other flavours in the Crunchips range, if you don’t like Paprika, with 11 separate flavours including Paprika, and you can check them out here.


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