Food Review: Crunchips (Various Flavours)

Crunchips (Various Flavours) Artwork

Lorenz Snack World LogoCrunchips are a product of Lorenz Snack-World, a German food manufacturer, known for producing a range of potato chips but also produce pretzel sticks, crackers and nuts to over 80 countries across the world. Lorenz HQ is based in Neu-Isenburg (near Frankfurt) but they also have branches in around the world, including Austria, Poland and Russia, all contributing to this independent family-owned company’s success. 

I feel like that’s a good introduction to Lorenz, now let’s move on. I first discovered the product in question in the foreign food aisle at Morrisons, although locally they are also available in Tesco. I was hesitant to buy them because, I assume due to shipping costs they come in at £2 per bag, a little more expensive than I usually pay for crisps, but one day when I had a little bit of extra money I bought myself a bag, and I do not regret it, but I’ll cover that more below. 

Crunchips Paprika flavour CrispsPaprika (O Smaku Papryka) Flavour
So as I said above, the prince initially put me off a little, but being completely honest you get plenty of bang for your buck so to speak. Not only is it a nice big bag, at 140g, but unlike some other manufacturers of potato crisps, there’s actually more crisps in the bag than air (or nitrogen as the case may be). And yet they still manage to stay fresh, having a nice crunch to them, as the name would suggest. Now onto flavour, we don’t really do paprika flavoured crisps here in the UK, in fact I can only think of one brand that does them, Walkers Max, but either way its far less common that your standard Cheese & Onion, Salt & Vinegar or Ready Salted. Its really delicious though, not only because of the relative novelty of the flavour but also because its full bodied and works really well as a crisp flavouring. I do also have to add that the flavouring is well coated across every single crisps, so you never really get one that’s underflavored or substandard in the taste department. In fact, without admitting how much I am cheating on my diet, I’ve had a fair few bags of these now since I first tried them and each one of them has been incredibly satisfying, perfectly cooked and flavoured. The actual crisps themselves are also surprisingly uniform in size, each having a decent crunch and being roughly bite-sized, not one of those monster sized crisps that take more than one bit to eat, slowing down the whole snacking process as a result. Overall I cannot recommend these crisps strongly enough, they are really good and I suggest you try them now.

Green Onion (Zielona Cebulka) Flavour
This has a lighter onion taste than I was expecting, far more mild, but not too subtle. Plus you’ve got plenty of time to enjoy them, as much like the Paprika flavour the bag is crammed full of crisps. They are tasty and moreish, they are a lot more like traditional Cheese & Onion but obviously without the cheese. It’s a strong, savoury blend that captures the more subdued flavours of Green Onions (also known as Spring Onions) as opposed to the more full bodied brown or red varieties. That being said, I personally prefer the paprika flavoured ones, but they are both very tasty.

Lorenz, also do other flavours in the Crunchips range, if you don’t like Paprika or onion, they have plenty of others you can try, and you can check them out here.

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