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Centrestage is a charitable organisation based in Kilmarnock which was founded in 2006 and serves the local community. They have a variety of programmes and initiatives aimed at supporting people, and as they say on their website: ‘Centrestage is not the place; it’s the people’.

One of the programmes they run is Catalyst which aims to support adults who are in vulnerable positions by utilising mentored support to help them to achieve their goals, find themselves and help steer them towards positive outcomes. In particular Catalyst helps to develop the skills in these individuals required to support and look after themselves. The Catalyst team is deliverers at various locations including the hub in Kilmarnock (on John Finnie Street), at HMP Kilmarnock, as well as across the community at various homeless hostels and locations where Centrestage also provide food services. Catalyst doesn’t just support physical concerns such as making sure they are able to cook for themselves or Budget and manage finances but also aims to support their mental wellbeing, by providing opportunities for engagement and interaction through various arts and recreational activities to combat social isolation, as well as volunteering opportunities so that these vulnerable individuals can begin to develop a positive mindset.

Another programme ran by Centrestage is Connect which targets young people who due to a variety of factors are struggling in school. Connect aims to support these youngsters by delivering targeted support to them which will ideally lead to increased engagement and lead to further progression. Much like with Catalyst the Connect programme isn’t just concerned with treating the symptoms of the issue but trying to improve conditions to make things better. They try to encourage positive mental well-being through a variety of bespoke activities that ensure each young person feels safe and secure and instill in them the foundation to succeed.

Another programme they have ran, which I have personally used is their Dignified Food Provision which brings delicious and healthy food to those in need, working similar to a food bank but without the need for vouchers and referrals, instead you are encouraged to make a small donation to keep the programme operating, while claiming your own food parcel.

Centrestage also has a focus on creativity and performing arts which they promote through programmes like Aspire which provide such activities for children and adults alike, of varying skill levels. They will be able to expand their services and grow the Centrestage Community once they move to the ‘Centrestage Village’ in 2020.

There are plenty of other initiatives and programmes ran by Centrestage and I encourage you to find out more about them. But perhaps the most important fact to note is that all of them are people focused and aim to support those that need extra help.

If you have any more questions or would like to reach out to Centrestage then you can find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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