Top 10: KittyKatGaming Extended Playthroughs

KittyKatGaming (Extended Playthroughs)

KittyKatGaming is a YouTube channel which was created on July 22nd 2014, with the first video being uploaded on January 1st 2015. The channel is hosted by Suzy Berhow (also known as Mortem3r) an artist, animator, model, jeweller, voice actor, taxidermist, entrepreneur and member of the Game Grumps (a channel ran by her husband Arin Hanson also known as Egoraptor).

Her initial plan for KittyKatGaming was to post content such as video game DIYs, cosplay, makeup tutorials and even video game inspired outfits of the day, however following the original introduction video, her channel became more Let’s Play focused. Also following the introduction, she released her first playthrough, and this was of the game Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, which aired on her channel on March 10th 2015. The channel operated consistently until January 17th 2019 when she announced that she will cease uploading content to the channel as she has begun to lose money, instead she planned to move towards doing live-streams instead. Okay now that I’ve told you a little more about KittyKatGaming (KKG) it’s time for the list, check that out below.

1. Monster Prom (9 Episodes)
This is a super fun game that I still haven’t had the chance to get for myself, although I’ve put it on my Steam wishlist, and will be buying it this Christmas for sure. Speaking of which feel free to add me on Steam. Suzy had a special guest on for this episode, her husband, and founder/co-host of Game Grumps, Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor). Interestingly enough Arin also voiced one the the characters in this game as well, Scott Howl. Anyway, my favourite part of this fantastic playthrough was just the chemistry between Arin and Suzy, they are so adorable together and it’s nice to watch. Arin also played this on Game Grumps with his other life partner, and you can check that out here.

2. Night in the Woods! (18 Episodes)
Another awesome game, I’ve played this about a dozen times, and could easily go for another dozen times. This is another game that Suzy played with Arin Hanson, and again the best part is their dynamic which is just so sweet and wholesome and silly. Also when he’s not having to be ‘Grump’ and just gets to relax, it’s really nice to see him enjoy a game like this one. Also I really enjoy his voice acting for the Garbo & Malloy segments. Fellow members of the Game Grumps cast, Ross O’ Donovan (also known as RubberRoss, RubberNinja or CondomRoss) and Holly Conrad (also known as Commander Holly) played this on Commander Holly’s channel, and you can check that out here

3. Dream Daddies (24 Episodes)
This game was actually made developed and published by Game Grumps via their own in-house studio. It was co-written and co-created by Vernon Shaw (from Hot Pepper Gaming) and Leighton Gray. There’s also a comic based on the game, produced by Oni Press, with one of the five issues also being written by Vernon and Leighton as well. Suzy also had Vernon on as a special guest, it was a fun playthrough made even better by having one of the creators come and personally show off his work.

4. Until Dawn (19 Episodes)
So this playthrough has special guest and fellow Let’s Player, Evelien Smolders who is probably better known as Gab Smolders (formerly GirlGamerGab and GG Gab). Apparently her fans call themselves ‘Gabbers’ which I find adorable. Also she completed her own playthrough of Until Dawn on her own channel, which you can check out here. Anyway, regarding the actual playthrough, I enjoyed watching it with someone not being familiar with the game, being guided by not steered by someone who is familiar with it, add to that Suzy and Gab work well together and it works for a very solid playthrough of a fantastic game, Until Dawn is in fact the only reason I purchased a PS4 (until Marvel’s Spider-Man came out that is) and also interesting enough Gab’s playthrough was the first Until Dawn content I ever saw.

5. Episode (4 Episodes)
Maybe I just appreciate the work that goes into them, or maybe I just enjoy trash, I mean a few of my personal favourite games and/or movies do appear on lists of the worst game/movies ever but yeah trash or not this game looked fun, and you could totally tell despite the cringey plot and dialogue that Suzy had fun, which for me is vital to a good playthrough.

6. Life is Strange (6 Episodes)
Such an amazing game, the prequel was arguably a little less impressive but overall the whole Life is Strange franchise is brilliant. Much like Until Dawn, another choice dependent game, Suzy played this with Gab Smolders, who did an equally good playthrough on her own channel which you can check out here. I really enjoyed this playthrough, about my only complaint was that the episodes were too short, but I suppose when this was published episodes around this length were good for the ‘Algorithms’ and so I can understand it.

7. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (7 Episodes)
One of our contributors Tori B Bearly really, really loves this game. In fact she’ll be doing a review of it in the next few weeks, after which I’ll probably link it here. Anyway, this is a really fun playthrough, and its right in Suzy’s wheelhouse and it’s another playthrough where she’s joined by Arin, so they have a lot of fun bouncing off one another, which really adds to it. Suzy even called Arin cute in one episode and it was so sweet. I mean I enjoy the gameplay, but what I really like in shows like this is the human element, and when there are multiple hosts the dynamic and interaction between them, and this episode just has that balance that makes for good content, in my opinion at least.

8. Alice: Madness Returns (8 Episodes)
Another game which is adored by Tori B Bearly and I strongly suggest if you haven’t already to check this game out. This is one of the face cam playthroughs which I actually liked but fans of KittyKatGaming were kind of mixed on. It’s good to see people, even professional Let’s players just wandering around some time, confused about their goals and objectives, it’s very real and adds authenticity to the playthrough.

9. Cute Demon Crashers! (4 Episodes)
I enjoy dating sims, but this one seems particularly good, not only is consent a huge part of it but you also have the choice to date people of the same gender which is awesome. I also like how despite thinking this was a hentai game she went straight for it, that’s what I really want from my Let’s players, a totally willingness to play pretty much anything. This was a rather short playthrough, which is good because it means it doesn’t reveal too many of the story routes, but bad because I was enjoying Suzy play it.

10. Firewatch (3 Episodes)
Much like with Life is Strange and Until Dawn, this playthrough would have been just that little bit better if we’d had some longer episodes, but again I understand the reasoning behind the length so it’s fine. I also have to say that Firewatch is a beautiful game, and I’m so glad that Suzy appreciated it as much as I did. I also like that Suzy responded to the sad parts of the game with what felt like genuine empathy. I seem to keep hitting the same points in these Top 10’s but then again that makes sense as I am still the same person and appreciate the same things, but anyway, I also like how genuine and enthusiastic Suzy is about everything from the gameplay to the art design.

Honourable mentions go to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer and The bunker which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.

So those were my Top 10 KittyKatGaming extended playthroughs and if you want to check out the channel and find your own then head on over to YouTube. While you’re at it make sure and follow Suzy on Twitter, Instagram and Twitch. Make sure and also check out their Etsy store as well.


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