Food Review: Yuki & Love brand Japanese Style Red Bean Mochi

Yuki & Love Mochi Variants

I’ve been a fan of Anime, Manga and the wider imports of Japanese culture since I was a kid. In fact, it’s one of my fondest wishes to be able to go to Japan, which I’m hoping to do in the near future. Until then however I’ll just have to continue to enjoy what I have available to me.

As anyone who’s read my other food/product reviews can attest to, I enjoy food. I like eating, I like writing and finally I have a place where I can do both. What inspired me to write about Mochi specifically though was a video I recently saw by Tasty where one of the hosts (Inga) makes a cute Mochi Seal for another host (Rie), not only was the video adorable but it also made me really want to try Mochi, so when I was in Tempo Tea Bar in Glasgow the other day and saw they had some for sale I grabbed a box and now I’m going to share my experience with you all.

Now very quickly before I move on to the review I want to say that I do my research before I do these reviews but I couldn’t find out anything directly about Yuki & Love, so I’m unable to provide my usual body of information of who makes it, I can however say that you can find The Red Bean Mochi as well as other versions such as Strawberry, Mango, Grape and Peanut butter on Amazon.

Yuki & Love brand Japanese Style Red Bean MochiYuki & Love brand Japanese Style Red Bean Mochi –
Okay since I’ve never had these before I’ll talk about more than just taste. First off they have a distinct smell, it’s not overpowering but certainly detectable. It’s a very savoury smell, no doubt because of the Glutinous Rice that makes up part of the dish. It’s actually quite pleasant, and it’s making me even more eager to have a bite.

Next up the visual, they don’t look exactly like the graphic on the box, for a start they are flatter, and less coated in rice, they also look more gelatinous but none of that is off-putting. Other than that they look pretty good.

Finally the taste test, they are a little chewier than I was expecting, and again more gelatinous than I thought but in terms of texture or ‘mouth feel’ it’s not bad. The taste reminds me of semolina or rice pudding but somehow better. My first bite didn’t capture any red bean paste because it’s deeper into the Center of the Mochi but once i got some it kicked the Mochi up a notch, from good to really good. The paste itself is smooth and rich, and goes perfectly with the rest of Mochi. I can see why these are so popular. I read somewhere else that these are good but it can take a while to get used to them and I can see what they mean, the overall taste and texture is dissimilar to most other things I’ve tried but despite that I could easily see myself eating more, and I’ll certainly be finishing the box.


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