Food Review: Irn Bru 1901

Irn Bru 1901

So it took me a few days to snag myself a bottle, but today on the 5th, just three days after being made available to the public on the 2nd December I managed to try Irn Bru 1901. Before we move on to the actual review, let’s talk a bit about the product itself, Irn Bru in general and Barr’s, the company who makes it.

So Irn Bru 1901 is a product from Barr’s (A.G. Barr) technically it’s brand new, just out this month, however it is based on their original recipe from 118 years ago, apparently the product came around after an old hand written recipe for the original drink was discovered in the Company’s Archives. I particularly like the slogan for the drink ‘Old and Unimproved’. Make sure and grab it while you can because it’s limited edition and will exist as long as stocks last, although no doubt old bottles will appear online in coming months, at a massive markup in price, much like the pre 2018 Irn Bru from before the sugar tax.

Next up, let’s talk Irn Bru, even after changing their recipe in 2018 in response to the Sugar Tax they are still a national favourite. Often called Scotland’s other national drink, after whiskey which we are also famous for producing and enjoying. Prior to 1901’s release the most recent Bru innovations have been ‘Spiced Ginger’ which I haven’t tried but will do so in the next couple of weeks and of course Irn Bru Energy which I have tried and you can find out what I thought by clicking here.

Barr's Soft Drinks LogoOkay last up before we move onto the review, a little bit about the company. Irn Bru is one of the main products from A.G Barr or Barr’s, a Scottish soft drinks manufacturer who make a variety of products such as Barr Cola, Red Kola, Tizer, Cream Soda, Limeade and others, and obviously the famous Bru which we are here to discuss today. 

Irn Bru 1901Irn Bru 1901 –
First off its considerably fizzier than regular Bru although maybe I’ve just not had a glass bottle in a while. Although what I’ve seen from other people seems to support that, it certainly has more of a foamy head on it than regular Bru, and that’s the case whether you decant it from the bottle or not. Next up, I’ve heard people say it tastes flat, and I cannot entirely disagree with that but what I think is really happening is that it’s much lighter on the palate than regular Bru which when combined with the fizziness and the different recipe comes across as flat. Overall it just tastes less complex but not unpleasant, I certainly enjoyed my bottle.

That being said and to be completely honest, it’s nothing to write home about, ironic considering I wrote a full review but true nonetheless. I’ve seen mixed reviews online, but I think that the negative reviews largely come from the fact that people assumed it would be the original Irn Bru recipe prior to Barr’s changing it in January 2018 in response to the Sugar Tax in the UK. But negative review or not, I would recommend it, especially if you are a fan of Irn Bru, and because when you drink it you are drinking a piece of history.

Lastly Irn Bru 1901 is currently selling for around £2 in most places and if you are looking for it make sure and check out corner shops and Spars because I’ve had luck finding the new, old Irn Bru in both those stores.

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One thought on “Food Review: Irn Bru 1901

  1. It’s absurd that they simply won’t bow to the demands of their consumers and just bring back the classic version. Also they were extremely unhelpful and cagey about whether the 1901 limited edition will be available in London where I live, so I have had to pay ridiculous prices to access a couple of bottles which should arrive by post soon. I don’t know how such a well loved firm can be so obtuse and dismissive of their punters. I used to love their clear lemonade too but haven’t seen it in ages. No doubt if it still exists it is polluted by aspartame too!


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