Top 10: Collegehumor videos (Extended Series)

Top 10: Collegehumor videos (Extended Series)

*This list was original posted on 20/11/2019 and updated on 09/01/2020 to include new information.

So I did a similar introduction to this one in the companion piece, regarding my Top 10 CollegeHumor standalone videos, which you can check out here if you wish. So I’ll try and keep this one short. Anyway, if you don’t already know, Collegehumor was a humor site started in December 1999, the site as of October 2019 redirects to the YouTube channel which is still generating content for the fans. Today I will be talking about some of that content, namely by Top 10 Collegehumor extended series, I also did a similar set of Top 10’s for Cracked, and if you want to check that out click here and here.

It was announced on January 8th 2020 that CollegeHumor’s parent company IAC would no longer be financing CollegeHumor/CH Media, this was announced by Sam Reich, its chief commercial officer who revealed via information via Twitter, I encourage you to check that out here, and share and retweet with the hashtag (#SaveCollegeHumor).

Anyway, on to my Top 10 Extended series CollegeHumor List below. 

1. Full Benefits (15 Episodes)
Easily took the top spot because it was a riveting series that blended comedy and drama really well and you genuinely wanted the characters to get together. Personal favourite episodes from Full Benefits include
Hook Up, Ditching Dan and The Late Night.

2. POV (23 Episodes)
Was probably the first thing I saw from Collegehumor and I was immediately drawn in by the socially anxious, overthinking voice in his head and I just really enjoyed how silly and extreme it was. Personal favourite episodes from POV include
Sick Day, Stuck in Traffic, Visiting a Friend and Trying to Fall Asleep.

3. Badman (11 Episodes)
Introduced me to the comedy of Pete Holmes, who I strongly suggest you check out, also keep an eye out for a Pete Holmes Top 10 coming soon. But anyway this series has Holmes playing Batman but not like we’ve come to expect, he’s childish and incompetent and over feeds his fish. Personal favourite episodes of Badman include
Batman Vanishing, Batman Meets the Riddler and Batman Vs. The Penguin (with Patton Oswalt).

4. The Britishes (7 Episodes)
Satirises shows like Downtown Abbey which  fetishes the whole Victorian era genre, this is surprisingly enjoyable and well worth watching. Personal favourites include
Don’t Scheme in Hallways, How British Butlers Duel and The Handjob Sketch.

5. Adam Ruins Everything (78 Episodes)
A show so good it got moved onto truTV, it had Adam Conover (Voice of ‘A Ryan Seacrest Type’ on Bojack Horseman) discuss and debunk popular societal myths and misconceptions. Its funny, informative and Adam has a naive, nerdy charm that makes him a great host. Personal favourite episodes of Adam Ruins Everything include
How Big Meat made Bacon a Meme, Adam Ruins CollegeHumor and Why a Wall Won’t Stop immigration.

6. Google Map Guys (2 Episodes)
Is a really strong and short series that shows two crudely animated dudes photographing America and then later the whole world for Google, while slowly succumbing to madness.

7. The Roast of…(4 Episodes)
Another older series, and another one that a return to regularly, this has personified versions of things like social media or TV networks or intoxicants roasting other members of their group. Its super funny and well worth a watch. Personal favourite episodes of The Roast off…include
The Roast of Facebook, The Roast of HBO and The Roast of Mario (featuring Patrick Warburton).

8. If Google was a Guy (5 Episodes)
I’ve said in another piece on this site that I just kinda lost interest in CollegeHumor, that I’m not familiar with most of its newer content but If Google Was a Guy managed to slip by and became a strong addition to the site in my opinion. Personal favourite episodes of If Google was a Guy include
If Google was a Guy, If Google was a Guy Part 2 and If Google was a Guy Part 5.

9. CH Home Alone (5 Episodes)
Parodies Home Alone, the famous movie(s) from the 90’s, and it’s actually really fun, it gives the cast a chance to shine and enjoy themselves. Personal favourite episodes of CH Home Alone include
Tricking the Pizza Person is Harder than it Looks, There’s Something weird about these silhouettes and What Could Go Wrong with our Dangerous Traps?

10. The Adventures of Kim Jong Un (14 Episodes)
I kind of liked this series in spite of itself, arguably its dumb and pokes fun at someone with potential nuclear capabilities and a grudge against America but overall its funny and well worth watching. Personal favourites from The Adventures of Kim Jong Un include
The Adventures of Kim Jong Un, Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman Recreate Space Jam and Kim Jong Un Goes Back to School.

Honourable mentions go to Um, Actually, Dora the Explorer: The Movie and Condomned which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.


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