198 Days by Chloe Copland

198 Days by Chloe Copland

I ask you to stand up. You don’t believe me. I am taller. Standing close to you, proving my point. I’m two inches taller. A single strand of light brown hair runs along your cheek. I move it away. Holding my hand against the soft skin. Slowly smiling looking deep into your aqua eyes. I gradually lean into you. Closing my eyes before pressing my lips against yours for the first time sober. You taste like cheap wine and heaven. You kiss me back with gentle lips. I pull back slightly and smile at you, giggling slightly before leaning back for more. Kissing you softly again as I pull you closer to me. Our lips get hungrier. My hand touching your cheek. We stumble towards the bed. You lie down. Your hands are in my hair. My lips on your neck. Your eyes closed. Biting my lip. I’m in heaven…

…Our lips touch once more. I rest my head upon your chest, listening to your heartbeat, I pull her closer to me as my eyes begin to close.

“I should go,” You say.

“Stay?” I ask.

“Next time.”, You promise.


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