Book Review: Silent Money by G.D. Harper

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So before we get going this one comes with an apology, it was supposed to be posted on the 27th of October as part of a blog tour organised by the awesome and hard working people at Rachel’s Random Resources but unfortunately life occasionally gets in the way, firstly we have been moving home, a task that’s very rarely easy and on this occasion was an immensely stress because it meant several days without internet even though we let our provider know in advance, and compounded by the fact that my lovely long suffering laptop had finally kicked the proverbial bucket it just made it difficult to get the review up. Either way I apologise for the delay and endeavour to do better in the future. Now on to a more familiar intro, we will be reviewing Silent Money by GD Harper, a book published in September 2019 and is a psychological fiction/crime novel. As I mentioned up top this blog tour was organised by Rachel’s Random Resources and it’s not the first time…and hopefully not the last time that I’ve worked with them on a blog tour and If you want to check that out then you can by clicking clicking here, here, here, here, here, here and here. This also isn’t the first time that I’ve reviewed the author so if you’d like to check that out then you can by clicking here. Okay last thing before we move on, during the intro to these blog tour posts I like to include a little ‘boilerplate’ so basically I just want to say that despite this being part of an officially organised blog tour, that I am not being paid, nor am I directly affiliated with the author or the blog tour host, and you should still expect the same standard of quality, honesty and fair and balanced approach that I take to all of the content on the site. Okay that’s all taken care of and apologies again, this time for the massive intro, I had a lot to take care off but without further ado, let’s meet the author. 

As I said above, I’ve reviewed the author before and since this is the second time I’ve reviewed them now I’ll try and reach out for an interview so that you guys can learn more. In the meantime however, here’s a little about G.D. Harper. He is a former graduate of Glasgow University, an establishment I hope to attend in the near future. He attended between 1975 and 1978, during which time he lived in the West End of Glasgow. Those experiences during that period informed the story and background of the first book of his I reviewed ‘Loves Long Road’ greatly, as it does the book we are here to discuss today. Hopefully that’s enough background for now, you can check out the author more however via his website or social media by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

At long last, the review itself and let me tell you it’s worth the wait, because Silent Money is a book you need to own and over the next couple of paragraphs I’m going to explain to you why! 

Firstly, and it’s something I touched on above and that was a vital component of the previous book. The setting, the author lived through the time period and he takes painstaking care to ensure that it feels authentic and that’s a large part of why I feel his book seems alive, it’s always better to start from an honest real place when writing, think of it as writing your own truth rather than creating fiction, i feel like Harper grasps this concept well. And as someone who has lived in Glasgow, albeit not during the period the book is set it’s just exciting to feel so close to the story.

You can also appreciate the characters, Michael Mitchell in particular. He tries working within the system but is passed up for promotion so instead of being pushed around he circumvents the traditional route in order to get what he wants. It’s a book that’s filled path moral quandaries and all set against a distinct backdrop of Scotland during the 1970’s when things were to put it nicely not great, where we were entering an economic downturn with loss of jobs and a shrinking industrial sector.

The novel is set during 1972, which I’m sure many people will feel is not that long ago, but is in reality approximately 47 years ago. Yet despite this considerable gap in time the novel takes precious few liberties, in fact the author is surprisingly faithful to the period in which the novel is set, without appearing to be overly concerned with it either.

Now onto the more sordid element of the story, I’m a huge fan of crime fiction, in fact I have scarcely few books on my shelf that don’t incorporate murder or something similar into the title. And so despite having a lot to do to impress me, because I really have read it all, I was thoroughly impressed with the story, not just the actual content of it, which I did enjoy but also the logic behind it, I fully felt it believable that Michael, middle man at the bank could be pulled down the rabbit hole of Glasgow criminal underbelly, after all as I mentioned up top during this period unemployment was rising and with no jobs it’s logical that people would turn to crime. Sure Michael still has a job, but passed over for promotions, unhappy and unsatisfied with doing things the right way or the hard way, it’s easy to see how they could make the leap to criminal enterprises.

So I’ve talked at length about the authenticity and how genuine the book feel to both period, character and reality but that doesn’t honestly say if it’s good, I mean history books are often authentic but not everyone thinks they are interesting but I think G.D. Harper’s novel ‘Silent Money’ is engaging and well paced, it draws the reader in slowly and by the end your wishing you had more pages to read, an honest to god clever little narrative with twists and turns and proper ‘characters’ that build up the rich backdrop of the book. So with that in mind I can say without hesitation that this book earns a 5/5. Make sure and grab a copy for yourself over on Amazon


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