Single Review: Running Red Lights – Calls of Prudence

Running Red Lights - Calls of Prudence Artwork

Running Red Lights are a four piece Indie/pop/folk outfit from Toronto, Canada made up of Scarlett on Vocals/Guitar, Dave Puzak on Guitar/Keys, Jeff Carter on Bass/Vocals and Kevin Howley on Drums/Guitar/Sampler/Vocals. Today I’ll be reviewing their new single ‘Calls of Prudence’.

‘Calls of Prudence’ opens with a soft flowing, ambient tempo that slowly incorporates percussion and guitar in such a way as to build up the track without overwhelming the softer tones that the track started with. The vocalist has a tremendous voice, one that you can just tell is powerful, but she manages to keep in line with the instrumental background. I also really liked the background harmonies, it was just a small touch that arguably the track didn’t need but was certainly improved by having. I never no quite whether I prefer songs that have your blood pumping and you going crazy, some frenetic club track, or something like this that provokes more of a gentle swaying, but when I hear tracks like this, that manage to contain passion and emotion without driving it through high intensity melodies, I’m more convinced that it’s the latter. Plus tracks like these are what I like to call thinking tracks, ones that work around you, let you think, perfect for sitting back and experiencing or as the background to some TV show looking to kick their emotional scene up a notch. Last thing before I sign off, I really liked the horns, they added a nice counterpoint to the track, and were used sparingly enough that I really appreciated them more. 

So that’s what I thought of Running Red Lights single ‘Calls of Prudence’ and you can check that out on Spotify. And you can support the group by following them on Facebook and Twitter.


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