Travel Tips for Attending an Event

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In October Victoria and I will be going to Edinburgh to see a band, they are coming to do a European Tour, we previously saw members of this group in another outfit back in October 2017 in Dublin and unfortunately due to money, a tight schedule and having to actually travel from Kilmarnock to Dublin via trains, a coach and a ferry rather than the much quicker plane it was an absolute shambles.

So with that in mind I wanted to share some tips and suggestions for travelling for an event, from someone who did it wrong the first time.

First off if you are travelling for any length of time bring something to entertain yourself, we actually did do this the first time so point to us. We brought Story Cubes, a fun little game which involves mixing and rolling dice to create stories, and Dobble, a speed matching game both of which were kindly given to us by Asmodee for demonstration purposes. Between these and our phones we were entertained on the first leg of our long journey. But seriously make sure and take games, phones, books anything to keep you occupied because you do not realise how easily bored you get without even a phone as a crutch.

Related, if you are bringing laptops, phones, handheld consoles (like The Nintendo DS or Switch or even a retro gameboy, we aren’t snobs here) make sure and bring plugs, cables and if you can get one portable chargers so you can have uninterrupted access to all your devices. Plus more often now public transport links have handy little charger ports to keep you topped up.

Clothes, and I don’t just mean don’t go in your birthday suit, make sure especially if you are going for more than one day to take plenty of clothes, nobody wants to be stuck next to someone who hasn’t showered or changed after hours of travel, so bring a change of clothes or two…or three.

Speaking of clothes, I know the urge to dress up always screams out at all of your lovely people but especially if you are travelling wear something comfortable and weather appropriate, you don’t want to be wearing crop tops and high heels or shorts and flip flops when you will be standing for hours or waiting in the pouring rain.

That’s another tip, especially if you are planning to be away for more than one day, take the weather into account. When we travelled, we were fortunately or unfortunately depending upon how you look at it travelling from one cold, wet and windy place to another so we didn’t need to adjust our outfits too much, but if you are used to hotter climates or just don’t like the rain then make sure and pack jackets and umbrellas.

That’s being said, venues don’t always allow you to bring umbrellas, so maybe just make sure you’ve got a jacket that’s warm, insulated and has a good hood. Especially since when travelling an umbrella can be cumbersome and more often than not more trouble than it’s worth.

Food, this isn’t like the don’t drink the water abroad type thing, although if you are travelling further afield for an event then you might encounter something you’ve never eaten before but for the actual travelling make sure and take something to eat, even if it’s just a snack, it can save you money, help curb the worst of travel sickness if you suffer from it and it’s always handy to have a little snack tucked away just in case. This includes water by the way, always take a bottle or two of water so that if you need it then you have it. 

If you need medication, make double and triple sure you have it, maybe even splurge and by a container for it so its protected and secure. And make sure and take it regularly as well. I know with the travelling and everything you might forget but make sure and use those freshly charged devices listed above to set alarms as reminders and take it with a snack and wash it down with some water (assuming it can be taken with food and water that is).

Money, this is vital for travel, even if you’ve booked and paid for everything in advance (which I strongly suggest you do) then you want to have at least a little bit of money set aside for emergencies, this should be separate from any money you might have for shopping or buying merch or gifts etc. If you are travelling internationally then this is even more important as you’ll be dealing with different currencies, so make sure and stock up on your euros, pounds, dollars or whatever currency is tender in your destination before you leave to make things easier. And if possible don’t keep all your money in one place so that if it’s lost or stolen you still have a reserve, even if you need to get a fanny pack or a bum bag or whatever it’s called, not getting stranded in a foreign country with no money is a bigger issue than looking a bit silly. Side note don’t keep your passport with your money either, for the same reason.

Don’t take too much, we didn’t over pack but even a light suitcase can be cumbersome, so economise on your packing and bring only the essentials, as listed above and bring it in something that’s sturdy, compact and easy to transport. We actually wore down the wheels on our trolley suitcase because the coach drop off point was a fair distance from our hotel so plan your belongings for travel, especially if you don’t have access to a car.

Next up tickets, most tickets are digital nowadays but if you can print off tickets, but also screenshot them on your device as well as keep the email handy so you can at a moments notice whip it out and prove you’re supposed to be there.

Other than that, just use common sense, stay hydrated, use the bathroom before the event and during intermission if your event has one so you don’t miss anything and other than that, treat you fellow attendees with courtesy and above all have a good time.


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