The PlayStation 2 – The Perfect Video Game Console, 20 Years Later

It is hard to believe that the best selling console of all time is almost 20 years old and still stands the test of time as one of the greatest consoles ever produced. With over 150 million units sold globally in its life and a library of 3500+ games, the PlayStation 2 is renowned as THE games console of the 21st century. Even if you have never personally owned one, there’s a good chance you have came into contact with one at a friend’s house.

Personally, I never had the chance to own a PS2 during its prime (my dad opted for the original Xbox) which meant my exposure was limited to my friend’s PlayStation. However, a little over a year ago I decided to splash out and buy myself a second hand PlayStation 2 on Ebay for a measly £40. I was able to get the slim version along with a selection of 10-15 games which I have to say unless you have a real desire for the original PS2 then the slim line version is the best model due to its tiny size and is much quieter than a larger console. Now you may be asking yourself just why would I want an old console? Simple! The sheer amount of great games available on the system paired with how inexpensive they are makes for a very appealing games collection.

With accessibility to second hand game stores like Cex or local independent stores as well as online marketplaces, it is extremely easy to find games for the system. Classics like Star Wars Battlefront, Crash Bandicoot and Ratchet and Clank are all fantastic first additions if you’re starting your collection but there are also a multitude of small, unheard of games which can be great fun to pick up and play for cheap when browsing the shelves of Cex. The PlayStation’s variety of games means that you’re likely to find something that suits you and your favourite genre, not to mention the enjoyment (and potential nostalgia) you and your best mates can get from playing a split screen multiplayer game.

Although many of us are accustomed to high graphical content from our games never mind just being in HD, some gamers may be scared away from a PS2 due to its low graphics. While most modern televisions won’t even support the necessary cables to run a PlayStation, there in fact HD alternatives which make the system playable. There are a range of HD options on the market, currently I am using a cheap adaptor which plugs into the back of the console then allowing a HDMI cable to be inserted but there are also a variety of more expensive adaptors which work in the same way but perform better and provide a much higher quality image if that’s what you’re going for. In this regard there is really no excuse for even the most graphically obsessed geek to start collecting for the PlayStation 2.

I would recommend any avid gamer to have a another go on a PS2, whether it be for the first time or to relive your childhood. This console has already gone down in history for its’ success but will also go down as one of my favourite gaming platforms of all time.


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