Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

Puzzle Pieces by Chloe Copland

I miss your arms wrapped around me, my

blanket on a winter’s night. The warmth and

comfort of steaming tea too

hot to sip.


I miss the way your hand fitted

into mine. We were two pieces of a

jigsaw; old and new, that only

partially matched. Pressing and

crushing harder to fit only

damaging our



Slowly bleeding out the sides

staining your soul.

You never realized that I was slowly turning

red. Every argument and

relapse pushed it deeper. Red running

faster. I wonder if you will ever realize that I was

always in love with your beautiful blue

eyes from the moment i saw

you across the bus.


You didn’t need to change how you

acted, you didn’t need to tighten your

grip, suffocating me, dragging downwards,

drowning my soul. I was

fighting for us, victory was



You tried to fix your perfect

puzzle piece, trying to make

us more compatible, failing and

ripping us apart, It was me that was

damaged, healing slowly but not

perfectly. I didn’t care how we didn’t quite

fit, we were unique.

You taught me to look out

new eyes.


I learned to break open my

chest, ripping my

heart out, destroying what

was healed and still live

without your arms.

I’m still oozing blood painfully.

You still rip me to

shreds of misery and



I love you.

I ripped myself apart to

save you from



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