Food Review: M&M’s

So most if not all of you will be familiar with M&M’s, but if you’re not then they are small, multi-coloured candies, similar in size and shape to skittles. M&M’s are made by Mars Incorporated, an American manufacturer of a variety of products including confectionery such as Galaxy, Hubba Bubba, Mars, Milky Way, Skittles and obviously M&M’s.

M&M Packets

Today I’ll be doing a product review of M&M’s which includes their popular regular flavours chocolate, crispy and peanut as well as one limited edition flavour, Crunchy Caramel. However M&M’s come in a variety of other flavours such as peanut butter, almond, pretzel and dark chocolate. Anyway I could review every available variety of M&M product and I just might in the future but I feel you can get enough from what I’ve got here to make an informed decision on whether or not to buy some delicious M&M’s.

M&M ChocolateChocolate
Because its solid chocolate with a thin candy shell this is quite solid but also small enough to be a light little treat. I really enjoy the taste of the actual chocolate so these are quite pleasant but for some reason I never quite took to them like the peanut or crispy versions. Still you can’t go wrong with classic and after trying these again for the review, after not having them for a while I think I’ll add them into my snack rotation.


M&M CrispyCrispy
The personal favourite of our contributor Victoria Anderson, and my second favourite. The crispy centre, covered in the sweet chocolate is a nice counterpoint, it’s not too chocolatey which can sometimes be a bit much, especially for me. But personally I think these have what Peanut M&M’s also have, which is a little bit along with the chocolate, but these also have the advantage of not triggering peanut allergies.


PeanutM&M Peanut
My favourite flavour by far, I love peanut flavoured products but unfortunately my partner Victoria Anderson is allergic so I’ve mostly cut them out of my diet, with rare exceptions like eating some for this product review. Anyway, the peanut adds a richness to the M&M, blends well with the chocolate and just tastes so good. Again I am biased because I love peanuts and chocolate together but the overall taste on the palate is just really inviting and moreish without being cloying, which can have with the plain chocolate and crispy variants.

M&M Crunchy CaramelCrunchy Caramel
Could easily take the second place spot in the M&M hierarchy for me, knocking Crispy M&M’s from their spot, but I hesitate to get attached to limited edition products so it will remain as a tasty dark horse. Anyway, the crunchy caramel has the crunch which I apparently really like in my candy, and a tasty caramel flavour which really kicks my sweet treat up a notch.


So that’s your lot, and hopefully I’ve encouraged you to try M&M’s and also if you’ve somehow missed it you should check out the M&M’s adverts where they have two anthropomorphic M&M’s goofing around and trying to avoid getting eaten.


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