Book Review: A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon

A Fool’s Circle by Suzanne Seddon Artwork

I’ve had this one on the roster for a while but for one reason or another it’s been delayed, I however got an email a few days ago reminding me so I thought finally upload it, along with my apologies for taking so long to get this up on the site. Anyway A Fool’s Circle is a thriller, published on March 17th 2019 by Wallace Publishing. A Fool’s Circle was written by Suzanne Seddon, an author from Islington, London. You can find out more about Suzanne by following this link, and you can support the author by following her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So quickly before we move into the actual review, I’ll give you a brief synopsis of the book, A Fool’s Circle, follows Kate Sanders who has suffered many years of abuse at the hands of her husband, however, she sees a way out for herself and her daughter when she is left a sizeable inheritance from the passing of her aunt. She even finds herself falling for another man, unaware of his ulterior motives and finds herself on the hook her murder.

So that’s just a quick summary of the plot, now I’ll get into the book, my likes and dislikes, and my rating out of five. Standard review stuff. Anyway, the first thing I have to say is that A Fool’s Circle deals with some heavy topics, you might have picked that up from the synopsis above but just in case I need to warn you that there are some complicated and dark aspects to the story, and it paints a hauntingly realistic portrayal of a harrowing situation that a lot of people live with every day. Because it’s such a heavy and daunting issue, as an author you need to be careful when dealing with certain subject matter because you want to avoid glorifying or misrepresenting the subject you are talking, basically what I’m saying is that it takes a deft hand to deal with complicated issues and we have one here in Suzanne Seddon who successful writes a novel that is gripping, emotional and gritty in subject matter.

Another boon to Seddon is that she manages to create characters that not only feel real but also generates a response, you connect with them and feel for them, what them to succeed, or suffer depending upon the character…or who you are I guess! But whichever way you take it, Seddon manages to create vibrant characters and interlace their dynamic through a frenetic story full of darkness, betray and emotion. Something that I noticed, and I suppose it makes sense, is that Seddon doesn’t pull any punches, it’s just so raw and real and Kate Saunders is such a heartbreakingly real character, if honest examples of abuse is something that you find uncomfortable then perhaps this book isn’t for you, but that being said it’s such a riveting story that I’d strongly suggest you read it regardless.

I enjoy the thriller genre, partly because it deals with the darker side of human nature, but mostly because it can be a great vessel for complicated storytelling, and Seddon’s novel, A Fool’s Circle manages that, with twists and turns, and a real human drama at its core. It even has a twist ending, which I won’t say anything else about because I don’t want to spoil it any more than mentioning it exists already did but I will say that overall the story is deeply engaging and worthwhile so with all that in mind I feel that A Fool’s Circle more than earns a 5/5. If you would like to grab a copy for yourself then head on over to Amazon


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