Restaurant Review – The coffee Trader

The Coffee Trader Sign

This review is from a meal we had at The Coffee Trader, Kilmarnock on Thursday 8th August 2019. Enjoy!

Before we get started check out this menu, I wasn’t happy with the photos I took of the menu so I had to take the menu off their website instead so some of the prices may be out of date, but I’ve put the photos in so you know what’s on offer.

Main –
Chicken and bacon toastie with chips and a side salad.
Tom: The creamy chicken balanced out the crispy bacon perfectly and both made for a sublime toastie. The coleslaw was also light and creamy and the chips were a nice little side for a quick and easy to go light bite. Not for little kids I’d say without cheese or something to bind it you need to be careful so little ones might drop the filling out but it’s so tasty it’s still well worth it.


Cheese and ham toastie with side salad
Tori: It was really good. The coleslaw was very creamy and had a homemade quality. It had the perfect amount of cheese and was exactly what I needed as a quick tasty bite after a day of shopping.

Dessert –
Carrot cake
Tom: I should be better at this after some time doing reviews but the best word I can think to describe this carrot cake is…real. its fresh, its tasty and easily worth a trip on it’s own but it has that undefined homey quality that store bought cake doesn’t and its superb.


Rainbow cookie
Tori: I thought that the rainbow cookie was a little dry, so I’d strongly suggest getting it with a drink, a tea or coffee, and fortunately Coffee Trader have a nice selection. But it was okay, although I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for a cookie.


Drinks –
Salted caramel fudge latte
Tom: This is a plus for me, you can actually smell the caramel, and the thick chunks of fudge, partially melted by the heat of the coffee were perfect. A sweet treat with a caffeine infusion that paired well with my choice in dessert. About my only complaint was a little over spill (entirely my fault) that meant the cup was sticky but if you’re careful then I’d urge you to grab one of these.


Staff/service –
The staff were polite and nice enough to listen to me chat away at them and ask them questions about their menu. Our food came quickly and was well presented.

Bonuses –
A nice little spot with plenty of bonuses on offer including indoor and outdoor seating, takeaway or eat-in options. They have Swipii loyalty cards that will earn you 5 points per visit and once you earn 30 points you’ll get a free hot drink. Lastly if you are a student or an East Ayrshire Council employee then you are eligible for a 10% discount.

You can find The Coffee Trader on Facebook so make sure and give them a follow. This review was written by Tom Neil and Tori Anderson so click on one of those links to check out more from those authors.

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  1. This place looks so lovely. The menu is amazing and I really like your captures, especially the ones with desserts. And everything looks really delicious. 💗

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