Top 10: Game Grumps moments

Top 10 Game Grumps Moments

So this is part of an ongoing series of Top 10’s that make it way too clear that I’m a huge fan of Game Grumps. Anyway the previous top 10 lists, which you can check out here, here, here and here dealt with episodes and extended playthroughs throughout Game Grumps approximately 7 year history. This list is a little different, essentially over the years there have been a lot of moments in Game Grumps history, quotable moments that are well known by all the fans of the show and today you can check out my list of the Top 10 Game Grumps moments. I’ve made sure when linking to only link to the original source (the Game Grumps themselves) although I do strongly suggest that you check out some of the Game Grumps animated for these moments as they blend the funny Game Grumps lines with the creativity and talent of the fanbase. I’ve also add a time index to each entry on the list so that you know what part of the video has the moment, other than that all I have to do is quickly introduce who the Game Grumps are, for the uninitiated. The Game Grumps are a Let’s play Series hosted by Arin Hanson (also known as Egoraptor) and Dan Avidan (also known as Danny Sexbang), they play the roles of ‘Grump’ and Not So Grump’ respectively. The role of ‘Not So Grump’ now held by Dan Avidan was formerly held by Jon Jafari (also known as Jontron) who also co-founded the channel alongside Arin Hanson back in July 2012, and co-hosted it with him Until Jon until left in June 2013.

1. Dennis the Menace Rap (starts at approximately 14.32 and finishes at approximately 14.48)
This is just the epitome of Game Grumps, they are playing a confusing, and arguably terrible game and so they just pull out a rap to keep themselves entertained. It’s the moment I go back to most often so it takes the top spot.

2. Fired and Missed (Starts at approximately 6.00 and finishes at approximately 8.40)
Another top moment that was so close to taking that number 1 spot, it’s just hilarious. Plus I actually love the whole Nancy Drew playthrough so it’s no surprise this well known and popular moment to animate made it onto the list. It’s just so fun it its absurdity, a phrase which I feel will pop up a lot on this top 10.

3. Laura Schmitt (Starts at approximately 5.15 and runs until approximately 6.20 where it takes a break until 8.09 and finishes at approximately 16.00)
I love this one so much, Arin is super good at random improv and voices, it serves him well in comedy and the whole ‘Laura Schmitt’ bit is just phenomenal, from the drawn out croaky voice that just gets more intense to the actual story that Arin kinda flips on its head.

4. This summer (Starts at approximately 11.04 and finishes at approximately 15.00)
Another moment that is sheer genius because of Arins improv and voice skills. I think honestly I like this one a bit better than the ‘Laura Schmitt’ one above but it’s more robust and longer so I’m happy with both entries positions on this list. I cannot get the movie trailer voice out of my head though.

5. At Age Six I was Born without a Face (Starts at approximately 1.02 and finishes at approximately 1.40)
I said it’s just so fun it its absurdity would probably reappear on this list and I was correct, I quote this scene regularly and it’s just so weird but again shows off how even when focusing on a game Arin can bust out some crazy improv.

6. Arin’s Video Game Nerd Voice (AKA Arin plays Mickey Mousecapade) (Basically the entire Video)
Not technically a moment so much as just a whole video, but after Arin watched a video game review he couldn’t stop doing a stereotypical nerd gamer voice and nearly broke Dan by spouting all sorts of coarse, poop based, vaguely misogynistic stuff in the voice while trying to complete Mickey Mousecapade.

7. Mark Zuckerberg!! (Starts at approximately 0.37 and finishes at approximately 5.20)
This is probably one of the most well known moments and I wasn’t sure whether to include it because (much like the Subway Moment) It’s so obvious and while enjoyable could be considered overplayed but I thought to myself that this is one of my favourite moments and so included Arins sleep deprived ramblings on The Social Network on this list.

8. Joke Yoda! (Starts at approximately 5.15 and finishes at approximately 17.01)
Joke Yoda is just hilarious, while Dan and Arin tackle Super Mario Maker, Arin distracts Dan by telling silly Star Wars based jokes and/or Puns in a Yoda voice, punctuating each joke with ‘hmm…funny joke’ in increasingly intense fashion. Meanwhile Dan is just deadpan trying to finish the level without just freaking out.

9. Obama is a fan of Game Grumps (Starts at approximately 0.30 and finishes at approximately 10.40)
Fairly long but well worth listening to, Arin and Dan do their Obama impressions and talk about how great it would be if he was a fan of the show. It’s super funny and shows regardless of the premise or the game being played (Grump’s Dream Course in this case) they can just riff and work against each other making something organically funny.

10. Unavoidable Chin Move(Starts at approximately 16.30 and finishes at approximately 19.30)
Shows off a fan favourite part of the show….Arins sheer rage. And at a Sonic game to boot. Catching Froggy in Sonic DX almost broke him but the unavoidable chin move just made Arin explode, in sheer exasperation and not only is it funny but I’m sure at some point or another we will all have lost it at some game, so it’s understandable as well.


Honourable mentions go to Arin’s impeccable Improv (AKA Arin plays Battle Kid) (Starts at approximately 3.47 and finishes at approximately 13.46), Flash Man, Hash Man, Crash Man (AKA Arin and Dan play Mega Man) (Starts at approximately 3.43 and finishes at approximately 7.20), You Freak! (Starts at approximately 11.06 and finishes at approximately 13.55), Milton’s Milton Factory (Starts at approximately 0.04 and finishes at approximately 1.55) and Thomas the 18th Century Boy (Starts at approximately 6.48 and finishes at approximately 7.55) which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.


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