Top 10: SNL Sketches

Top 10 SNL Sketches

Saturday Night Live or SNL is a long running American Live television sketch/variety show created by Lorne Michaels and developed by Dick Ebersol. SNL has been running since October 11th 1975, has 44 seasons and approximately 871 episodes, and has been host to dozens of famous and influential comedians and actors including Mike Myers, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Tina Fey and Chris Farley. For those unaware of the set up, SNL is hosted by a celebrity guest, who opens up the show with a monologue and performs sketches alongside the regular cast members. This Top 10 list is of my favourite SNL sketches over it’s long and storied history. 

1. Dateline: The Mystery of the Chopped-Up Guy
Bill Hader is my favourite SNL cast member by far, and this is by far my favourite sketch from him and from SNL in general. It has him parody ‘Keith Morrison’ from Dateline, but with a more perverse interest and/or fascination in the grim things they cover.

2. Undercover Office Potty
Is another brilliant sketch that has some dudes work day being interrupted by popping songs gets some office supplies to help out and it only causes more problems.

3. Matt Foley: Van Down by the River
Is a classic sketch and has the eternally brilliant Chris Farley playing motivational speaker Matt Foley talk to some kids about not smoking because it’s a sure fire way to end up sleeping in a van down by the river’.

4. Extreme Baking Championship
A more recent favourite, by which I mean I only saw it recently and its surreal and hilarious and a perfect pastiche of actual baking shows.

5. First Impression
Has Jason Momoa with an unconvincing tummy, and honestly it’s funny but what really gets it is Momoa’s sincere reactions where he hunts down his daughters boyfriend without the slightest hint of irony.

6. Debbie Downer: Disney World
Features Lindsay Lohan, who is unable to keep a straight face, this episode is a classic and one of the most popular sketches were the cast break from laughter. It featured recurring character Debbie Downer visiting Disney World aka the Happiest Place on Earth with her family and just being negative about the whole thing.

7. Jacuzzi Lifeguard
Has Jim Carrey and Will Ferrell, the former as an overenthusiastic lifeguard and the later as someone just trying to chill out in a little hot tub, and of course wackiness ensues.

8. American Ninja Warrior
A story of hope crushed, Bobby Moynihan (easily my second favourite SNL cast member) plays this perfectly and it’s just hilarious.

9. The Champ
Has Jonah Hill win a state wrestling championship, or so he thought. Plus the main guy from Will & Grace kills someone as well. A lot happens in this clip.

10. Career Day
Is another of the newer sketches I like, it has Adam Driver and Pete Davidson and it’s just hilarious and extreme.

Honourable mentions go to The Shooting AKA Dear Sister, Lifetime’s First Original Game Show: What’s Wrong With Tanya?!, Gus Chiggins, Cockpit and Mister Robinson’s Neighbourhood – Nutrition which I also really enjoyed but didn’t quite make the top 10 list.


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