Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland

So some people see charity shops as a bit of a mixed blessing, you can get all sorts of bargain deals on a variety of items but also more and more the high street is being dominated by charity shops because they can get discounts on the rent for the space they occupy, and thus as more and more brick and mortar stores close down for a variety of complicated issues I won’t get into right now the spaces are occupied by charity stores. Personally I feel if they didn’t take up the space then the stores would/could remain vacant so I feel that any business is better than none, and it’s not like charity shops aren’t doing something good. So with that in mind, I want to talk about Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland, a store on Kilmarnock high street. I feel that especially compared to a lot of charity shops in the local area it has a lot more to offer.

First off the space itself is quite big, which means plenty of room for customers to move back and forward, but also the larger space, that’s well utilised as well, is just more inviting.

They also have a nice book section, with chairs for customers to sit down and get comfortable, to have a nice read before the buy. Personally even if you couldn’t read the books, having a spot for a sit down is a really nice idea, especially considering the next feature.

Free wifi and hot drink facilities, this shows how much the store cares about looking after it’s customers, it’s not just a transactional experience, but it shows that they want you to have a pleasant shopping experience. Plus you can sit down with your hot drink, using the seats I mentioned before.

I liked how everything was sections off really well, we had knick-knacks including fine china and dishes.

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland - knick Knacks (2)

Plenty of toys for the kids!

Lots of clothes for children, men and women.

A convenient and well labelled drop off point.

Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland - Drop off Point

Lots of DVD’s and Music for the discerning media fan with an eye for a deal.

And cards and little gifts that you can grab as a little treat on your way through town.

So all in all the Chest, Heart and Stroke Scotland store if a great little spot on the Kilmarnock high street that offers not just the charity shop staples but also a lot more designed to make your shopping experience even better.


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