Restaurant Review – Rock Diner & Aces

This review is from a meal we had at the Rock Diner & Aces, Kilmarnock on Sunday 30th June 2019. Enjoy!

Before we get started check out this menu, I wasn’t happy with the photos I took of the menu so I had to take the menu off their Facebook instead so some of the prices may be out of date, but I’ve put the photos in so you know what’s on offer.

Starter –
Chicken Goujons ×2
Tom & Tori: The Goujons are soft and tender to bite into, a fairly decent size, and quite flavourful. There’s also just enough to peak the appetite for a main, so ideal for a starter. The salad that accompanies it was fresh, with a nice dressing. The peppers in particular which I don’t usually like in food actually added a lot to the starter overall.

Main –
Gammon Steak
Tom: The chips were well cooked and tasty. The onion rings, crispy and flavourful and since I especially like mushrooms alongside a meat dish I was glad to see them here. Finally the main part of the main course, the Gammon which was a decent size, juicy and tender and easy to cut into, with little to no thick fatty bits. All together a well presented dish that tasted great, and I have before and will order it again.

Rock Diner & Aces - Gammon Steak

Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza
Tori: Nice thin pizza base but still bready, and they use the same chicken as the Goujons which tastes like good quality chicken and I like it. It also has onions and peppers which enhance the dish. It’s all tied together by a good tasting BBQ sauce for the base.

Rock Diner & Aces - Texas BBQ Chicken Pizza

Dessert –
Salted Caramel Sundae
Tom: I am not a huge fan of whipped cream but mixed with the salted caramel it was just superb. It was also a nice round off to the meal, sweet and refreshing to cleanse the palate but also fairly light as to avoid that overstuffed feeling you can occasionally get when eating a big meal, particularly one with three courses.

Rock Diner & Aces - Salted Caramel Sundae

Cinnamon Waffle
Tori: It was soft and sweet and because I don’t really like ice cream they were happy to give me it with skooshy cream instead.

Rock Diner & Aces - Cinnamon Waffle

Drinks –
All of the drinks we ordered were part of a contest ran by Aces, where they created cocktails and shots which contained Fireball, the Canadian Cinnamon Whisky. I’ll probably say this again, but Victoria and I aren’t big drinkers, however we do happen to like Fireball and so decided to go ahead and try these drinks…for science!

Friendly fire
Tom: Tastes less like fireball than I’d like but it’s cool, refreshing and has a sweet blackcurrant flavouring. And as the name suggests you do get a nice cinnamon afterburn.

Rock Diner & Aces - Friendly Fire

Killie kick
Tom: Tastes like the key ingredient, fireball but just that little bit sweeter and it’s blue. Both pluses. Honestly It was really tasty, and I would order it again. Unlike the other two drinks, this was a shot rather than a cocktail so sadly there was less of it that I would have liked, but I’m also guessing that part of its charm is that it’s a quick down in one.

Rock Diner & Aces - Killie Kick

Pink fire
Tori: It tasted like melted fruit Ice pole, and you get a nice cinnamon/general fireball taste but no alcohol burn – not overly sweet, not overly alcohol burny.

Rock Diner & Aces - Pink Fire

Staff/service –
Wait staff were prompt, polite and helpful. Food came quickly but was adequately cooked and well presented.

Bonuses –
Probably not the first thing on every customer’s mind but Aces is a Pokestop and is within spitting distance of at least one Pokemon Gym for spinning and battling so if you’re a fan of Mobile game Pokemon Go then you’ll enjoy a trip to Aces.

If you like a good deal then Aces also offers Meerkat Meals, so if you are eligible (meaning you’ve bought a qualifying product from Compare the Meerkat) and have downloaded the App from either the Google Play Store or the Apple Store, then all you need to do is phone ahead to let them know you plan to use Meerkat Meals and you’ll be able to get 2 for 1 on food.

Another big bonus for Aces is the charm of the place, it has life sized replicas of Elvis and Arnold Schwarzenegger (in his role as the Terminator) and real proper booths like in a diner you’d see in America in the 60’s.

We have eaten at Aces before and have personally enjoyed the steak pie and the Cajun Chicken Crepes, so feel free to check them out as well. Or grab the Toastie and Soup if you’re after something light.

You can find Rock Diner & Aces on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, so make sure and give them a follow. This review was written by Tom Neil and Tori Anderson so click on one of those links to check out more from those authors.

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