Honey – The Truly Sweet Browser Extension

Honey (Browser Extension) Artwork

Since everyone and their dog has already talked about it, you’ll probably have heard about the browser extension known as Honey, but if not then let me tell you about it now. 

Honey is an internet browser extension available on most popular browsers such as Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari which can be quickly, safely and easily downloaded onto your preferred browser via a quick visit to their site.

I mentioned the word safety above, and right now I want to address the biggest concern I’ve seen regarding Honey, because it monitors your browsing habits to do its job this can give people pause when considering whether to download it. I want to say right now that those concerns are completely valid but I also want to consider that unless you use a VPN or God forbid just abstain from using the internet entirely then to some degree or another you are being monitored, so you have to decide whether to allow it in exchange for something or instead have all that information passively collected and/or sold without your direct consent. I strongly believe that in this case the risks are outweighed by the benefits, and the information collected by Honey is only utilised in browser to do its job.

Okay let’s talk about what Honey actually does now, and how it can theoretically save you money. Basically once it is downloaded and added to your browser, you can shop at places such as Amazon, Ebay or Groupon and once you navigate to either the basket or the checkout page you can click on the extension and it will search a variety of sources for coupon codes which can then be used to discount your orders and therefore save you money. 

Another plus is that it’s free, so you don’t need to shell out cash in the short term to potentially save you money in the long term. It’s also additionally helpful on stores such as Amazon because it can price compare with other sellers to get you the best deal on a particular item. Lastly is easy enough to get rid of if you decide it’s not for you.

In fact the biggest negative other than the potentially privacy concerns I mentioned above is that there is no 100% guarantee it will find a relevant code so you won’t always save money on every purchase. But personally I feel that even it it’s only saving you money sometimes, that’d is better than never saving you money. 

If you want to sign up for Honey and also support some awesome and talented YouTubers then follow one of these links:



I do have to add that I am in no way affiliated with either The ValleyFolk or JonTron I just think both channels are super cool and wanted to show support by directing my audience to them. I am also in no way sponsored or affiliated with Honey, I just genuinely think they are a decent and worthwhile piece of software that can save you money.


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