Branching Out Community Initiative

Branching Out Community Initiative

The Branching Out Community Initiative or BOCI are a community led group focused on improving the local area. BOCI currently holds the lease for the former Knockinlaw Garden and are working with the Central Scotland Green Network to turn it, now known as the Central garden, into a nice, thriving  community garden.

BOCI aren’t just focused on their garden though, the hard working committee made up of volunteers from Kilmarnock are also focused on cleaning up the North West entirely, they’ve hosted several clean up events over the past few months, riding areas which have been known for being rubbish tips and dumping grounds and cleared them up. With council participation they’ve even weeded and trimmed back trees along walkways in these areas to further enhance the natural beauty of the area. They have also cleared up needles and related paraphernalia from the area making it not only attractive but also safe, which is especially important since their are  houses in these areas and children who walk through it regularly. 

As I said above, BOCI is a volunteer initiative and its supported entirely by volunteers and of course the community itself who are free to come along, and often do come along to the clean up events to make the North West Kilmarnock the best that it can be.

I think the most important thing I can saw about BOCI however is that it’s a community group for the community, it aims to make things better for everyone, and provide a space for everyone. If you want to find out more then you can find them on Facebook and Instagram.


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